If you go back to last year you’ll notice a different love interest in my life. Namely Dorian Vega. Dorian has gone through many iterations. Even more so than me. He’s always been older than me. He’s always watched me grow up. This dynamic gave some people issues since Dorian is essentially my father figure.

AJ fell in love with one new character in her RP and decided he needed a home. AJ went about creating a world for him and me in one of my infinite incarnations because he’s basically a cyborg. Well not really, Sage had a computer chip implanted in his head and he was a hacker. My world doesn’t cater to such technology as it’s real world tech like you all know.

But as with all worlds AJ gets bored. BUT, my world is diverse and there was the potential for Sage’s hacking to be ‘natural’ or ‘supernatural’ in this case and thus technopaths were born.

Sage doesn’t present any of Dorian’s issues. He’s sorta supernatural but also very new to my world. I still get my blue eye soul mate, and I get someone who’s actually younger than me (by two years) but still younger.

It’s not quite the same relationship. Well yeah it is. I fall hard. I fall quickly and I will need him. That has never changed.

(and yes I realize I’m using the same picture. It is how much I love it!)