I’m running late on this one. You’d think the prompt itself would provide a simple enough response but no, it has to be complicated in my head. The fact that AJ has a new stress worthy project on her plate doesn’t help either.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that matter the most. I know love is never simple but it should be. I stole the image ya’ll. (OMG I sound like AJ) – forget I said that!

I found this image on an instagram account and had to track down the original image so I can credit where I got it from. IThis is Joey Graceffa and his boyfriend, Daniel, kissing in the rain. This is what love should be – simple expression of ones self with another human being. AJ has a friend who has comment on a few occasions that where do you draw the line to ‘I was made this way’ or ‘I identify a way not what I look like on the outside’. Aliens? Cats?

I know I’ve said I’ve a problem with people who aren’t comfortable in their own skin. But see this is my hang up, not because I think they are wrong. It took me years to be comfortable with who I am. I am bisexual. I am Magnus. I am Cesari. I’m half human and venatori. I will never fit into either society with ease. This is me. I’m happy with that. But I wasn’t for years.

But if you come up to me and say hey I’m an alien trapped in a human body I’m gonna look at you weird and laugh. I understand you feel wrong with society standards on your appearance, your way of life. Okay your hormones are messed up, you feel out of place. That’s you. Own it. That’s all I want from a partner. Just be comfortable with who you are. Simple as that. I can’t deal with the drama that comes from trying to be something you aren’t. BTW, I’ve had to teach AJ this very same thing… We are still working on it.


(Side note: Remember I’m a fictional character, AJ means no offense to anyone.)