I speak well of Il Cane – the vampire assassin of the vampire world. To quote some unknown book or show I’ve forgotten:

When things go bump in the night she is what bumps back.

Il Cane or to her family Cari Giovanni. She was born in the late eleventh century. She lost her family at the age of five in a fire cause by a blacksmith apprentice to her father. Cari went to live with her aunt and husband who were a bit shady. If you ask me he was down right evil. Cari was thieving early, she was raped by a man close to her uncle and with her now ruined reputation he whored her out. But Cari had other inclinations and she killed her rapist when he tried again. That started a whole new career path for Cari. She became her uncle’s assassin.

She became so good that when Salvatore Eninor was looking for the perfect candidate he chose poorly. Sal didn’t seen the mental wrongness of what Cari did – he only saw the perfection in which she accomplished her goals. He took Cari’s life at the age of 29. He embraced her not only with his blood, but the blood of all 9 other bloodlines and one Primeval Vampire who is a 3rd generation vampire. (Meaning his great great great great grandfather was Cain himself.) Thus creating a new blood like they call Puer Decim. There are only two vampires in the entire world that are Puer Decim. But that is neither here nor there in terms of the prompt.

For the next 50 years Cari trained under each blood line, after the first 25 years of great teaching the remaining blood line teacher neglected Cari’s hunger. And in retrospect they see their folley – but it doesn’t change the fact that if they’d done their job Cari would never have destroyed an entire village in one night.

Cari wrought devastation down on one village. She was so hungry and it was so powerful Cari was unable to stop herself. After the first feeding the call for blood was too strong and Cari ripped the throats out of every soul in the village save one – a small girl of about 14 years old – a woman by her standards, but just a girl by ours.

Cari left this girl lying dead and when Tony – the love of Cari’s life – found her and stopped her his father embraced the girl as punishment. Nicola is a child vampire – one of few who is allowed to live. But only because Cari imposes a very strict diet on herself and Nicola. They feed only from those willing to give them their blood.

Cari has killed only one other human soul in the remainder of her lifetime – and that was to save his life. She embraced him – her only embraced child. Now you ask but she has a son… Ant is Cari’s son. He is born of her womb as you and I are born of our mothers. The primeval blood that ran through her veins allowed the beloved accident to happen.

Now Il Cane hunts vampires who break the Clandestine Providence laws with her son and chevalier Ryan. So many names, so many tales to tell. Maybe I’ll share more on them later.