The Venatori were supposed to be the oversight to Clandestine Providence Laws, but who watches to make sure they don’t abuse things. It was technically the Aeternus who were the oversight comity – which was the career path of the Venatori.

That is still the case if you call the hunters the venatori. AJ once wrote up world lore with Venatori and venatori in the same thing. But it was highly confusing. While technically a hunter is still called Venatori like a Scrin (the archivists and scholarly types) it makes things simpler to say hunter.

The hunter occupation when they were Aeternus decided that their skill set wasn’t broad enough. So they started breeding with other races – predominately humans. To the point where the Aeternus in the venatori lines lost their immortality – gained mental abilities and the ability to reproduce at will.

The Venatori became their own race that soon outpaced the Aeternus by leaps and bounds. History doesn’t tell us why we wiped out the Aeternus – my guess is they violated the Clandestine Providence. But there is no telling – we only know that they are extinct.

We go to school to learn all about being a ‘monster’ hunter. But no one watches to make sure we don’t abuse the power. And right now I think we as a race need it. Someone to look down our throats and say hey wait, what the fuck are you doing? why? isn’t there a better way?