Today might end up with a long lecture like post. I could talk about photography, but the I suck at taking pictures, and know next to nothing about it. But the prompt did incite an actual topic I’ve only hinted – life as a Venatori. We have very little exposure to the things normal kids do. At least if you spend your life in the Academy like I did. So today I’m gonna talk a little bit about life inside the AU Building – the Venatori headquarters.

Headquarters sounds like we are some kinda company or organization, and we are and we aren’t. I’ve spoken before about the races and I’ll go indepth more later on what it means to actually be Venatori as a race – this is us as people.

We have six major headquarters around the world that put out a general place for Venatori to get essentials. However, New York City and London are the only two that really have any mass population. Venatori live all over the world as normal humans in every place but New York City where we all pretty much housed in the Apex Unlimited Building. (This is a fictional building if anyone is trying to figure out what it is – it replaces the Bank of America Building in your world. If you look at the header of the home page of my blog you can see the odd shaped building – a quick rendering to show it’s not your New York.)

The AU building houses the entire living needs of those Venatori who choose to live here – including a common area which has various small shops, a main cafeteria and a few extra activities like bowling and an arcade. We have our own hospital which also doubles as a research facility. The Venatori do a lot of genetic research, as well as looking for cures for cancer and other human aliments – and supernatural alike. We have our own accredited school where humans could enter if they wanted to pay the outrageous fee it takes to get into it if you are not Venatori. Those kids usually end up becoming Venatori because it’s hard to hide from them when everyone is special in their own right. Humans who can already see into our world generally are admitted freely so we can teach them how not to die. Human’s don’t believe their natural born gifts are real in most cases – telepathy, clairvoyance – none of that is real to them – it’s magic. We don’t exist.

Most Venatori children in the AU building start learning the basics as a human child at the same age – most go to human schools until the age of 13. Those Venatori children integrate better into human society than those who were raised in the AU building.

There are a few reasons why a kid is raised in the AU building. The first is that they are Magnus and have shown early signs and need training, two they live in the AU building and it’s just easier on the parents that way. The last is because they have no parents and are wards of the Venatori. I fall into the first and last category. But unlike the other children like me I went out into the human world and socialized – mostly because I didn’t fit in here being half human and all.

But at the age of 13 every single Venatori child comes to the AU building for their last 5 years of training. This is where you learn everything you need to know about our supernatural world.

We don’t make money like you’d think. The Venatori is more of a socialist ‘government’. You do your job. You earn status. Your status gives you other privileges. The Venatori provide all the basic necessities as long as you do your job. If you don’t, you get exiled. Becoming Exuli is usually considered a big punishment – almost as bad as when a Magnus fails to learn to control their ability and becomes Tacet – without their magic. Though in my opinion becoming Tacet is worse. It changes you and not in a good way.

The more status you have the bigger house the Venatori will pay for, the more extra surplus money you get. I can hear the questions now – how do the Venatori earn money to do all this – easy they own 30% of of the worlds business. Apex Unlimited is a mega corp – they own many many other companies. And Apex Unlimited is not the only company owned and operated by Venatori.


My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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