Why do all this prompts always put into the same realm of thinking. It’s a struggle to go beyond the same rants and things I typically go on about. So instead I’ll touch upon my knowledge of my race, and those in my world – a little lecture so to speak on what each race is capable of.

There are several different races, species, or whatever you want to call them. Let’s start at the beginning and move our way down the chain of origins.

In the beginning the creator created 4 races – Humans, Dragons, Primeval Vampires and Aeternus.


Humans were created to have short mortal life spans but could reproduce rapidly – thus they were the predominate race of the world and also the most precious since they were ‘softer’ creatures. Their magic was mental and was very slow to develop in comparison to the other four races. Humans were also capable of learning other magics to a lesser extent. Paths and Witches, a term used for lack of a better word, are sensitive to the supernatural world and see things that normal humans do not.


Dragons on the other hand were created to have a longer life span but couldn’t reproduce as rapidly. A Dragon goes into heat one every ten or so years upon reaching adulthood. A dragon can live hundreds of years. A dragon is a supernatural creature who’s natural form is that of a large reptile just as you’d think a dragon would look like – wings and all. However they can take humanoid form, and they must in order to mate and give birth. Most dragons these days remain in human form to prevent their own death at the hands of humans. Dragons possess an elemental magic – meaning they can bend the elements to their will.

Primeval Vampires

Primeval vampires are only slightly like the kind you’ve read about in genre fiction – except Twilight – there are no sparkling fucking vampires! A primeval vampire is born a vampire, they can walk in daylight and they are immortal. At an age between 18 and 30 a Primeval vampire stops aging, at puberty the vampire begins to require blood. A primeval vamp can survive off of human food – but they lose their magical abilities. There are 10 branches of magic a primeval vampire can be good at – they can access all of them, but as with all things – some are better at it than others. Of these 10 branches there are three that are tightly connected and can be considered one – Empathy, Fearmonger and Incubus/Succubus. All three rely on emotions, but Fear and Lust/Love have are powerful enough to be used where as other emotions do nothing for a vampire. The remaining branches are obsfucation, auspex, necromancy, elementalism, animal ken, dreamwalking and domination. I could go on about this – on and on actually – one of my best friends is a Primeval Vampire – or close enough to one that I’ve learned a lot from him. Primeval Vampires like dragons come into heat at a specific time – typically every hundred years, but as of current there have been fewer and fewer primeval vampires born into the world. The cause is yet unknown.


Aeternus are immortal beings who can only mate once a lifetime. They are also now the only extinct race of the four initially created. Aeternus were the overseers of all the races. They were limited and lived in small colonies. They were the police of the Clandestine Providence – they called those people specifically trained to do so Venatori. There really isn’t much known about the Aeternus as we can’t speak to one. We only know that they created the Venatori and that the Venatori eradicated their creators.

This gets brings us into the new races, but my post is already way too long. So in an effort not to bore you. I’ll sign off now. But don’t forget to check out My Mysterious Blue-Eyed boy.


My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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