My mother has passed away. It’s been several years actually. I never really knew her. I have memories of her as a child but they are few and the largest memory of her is tarnished by her fear of me.

I can’t make up the time I lay heating her. I can’t fix it. I do regret it. But it has taken me years to get this far. She hated me. She hated what I was. The night she found out I was magnus she called me a monster and spat on me. I was five. That sticks with a kid.

18 years later I saw my mom again. She barely looked at me. She still hated me. It pushed my feeling even deeper into the negative range. Shortly there after I met her again on a hunt. We were hunting a werebear. It’s a long a story I’d rather not get into. But the end result was her death. I was there to watch her die. She wanted nothing to do Whitt me even then. I will never get the chance to forgive her for all she did to me, nor will I get a chance to make things up to her for disappointing her. One of my biggest regrets.



  1. soulanceblog says:

    For a second I thought this was a true story – until I read your note at the bottom lol

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    1. Nox says:

      Lol. Well I am real but only in AJ’s head. That is why the note is there. I hope you will keep reading even though it’s not true life.

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