I’m not much of a stereotypical “gay” man. My fashion sense is jeans and sarcastic t-shirts. My apartment was designed by Dorian. The interior is a pale orange cream with a light bamboo floor. 

The paintings and artwork are however my choices. I have a floor piece set of the Brooklyn Bridge in my living room. Above my bed is a piece from Van Gough’s blue period.  In front of my bed is a three piece print of a tree on fire and in ice. On the side wall is a schematics of a few different weapons.   In the bathroom I have the patent for toilet paper above the kamode.  Near the front door in the kitchen area Dr. Seuss quote reminding me to be myself sees me out the door. 

Dorian says it’ll do. I’m happy with it.  I don’t spend much time in my studio apartment except to eat and sleep.