Fortune? Good luck? Money? Either which definition you use I don’t need or want any of it.

I’m not materialistic. I need a roof over my head, head and air conditioning, and food. My possessions, other than furniture, fits into three bags. At most four.

I don’t believe in luck or fate. We are given one life, we are allowed to lead it how wee see fit. Luck is just a coincidence – good or bad. It’s all timing.

But I do have treasures – things that would make my life complete – my own family is number one on that list. A significant other to love me for all of my faults and virtues – children who are mine by love – not necessarily by blood. Blood doesn’t make you a family – being there when you are most needed does.

I think that’s why I have a hard time with my biological family now that I know I have one. None of us were given the chance to be there when things were tough. I’m working on letting my dad in. I’m working on being a better son – not necessarily one he wants – but a better son none-the-less. This is my fortune. This is where my heart lies.