Head in the Clouds

There was rarely time during the Academy to have my head in the clouds. But I had my dreams – aspirations. My dreams rarely came to me at night. I didn’t dream about my adult glory days. Nightmares plagued my nights, so the little time I had free I rarely thought about my future. I never had my head in the clouds like so many other children.

I had to study. I had to work hard to get my good grades. Without good grades I didn’t get to learn how to be what I ultimately become – one of the most powerful Cesari in this generation. Some say of time, but I doubt that is true. There will always be someone bigger and better than you. We can only be who we strive to be.

I saw a video of a talk that Matthew McConaughey gave – an excellent speaker by the way – he said he was chasing himself 10 years in the future. Always looking forward. That’s all I can do. My head in the clouds would defeat that purpose – always strive to be better than you are today. We fail, we learn and we grow.