L: Lunar

The lunar cycle is important for all were creatures.  As a Venatori we are taught that weres are have a three day period around every full moon that fledgling were’s first shift.  This shift is usually forced and if out of control of an Alpha always dangerous.  Were culture dictates that the Alpha of the pack or group of weres in the community must help all fledglings change.

However that isn’t always the case.  The most Venatori were kills are of kids who are changing for the first time and causing damage, because they don’t know what they are, their sire didn’t inform their pack they had bitten someone so they couldn’t take care of them, or the was an early change.

Sometimes they are malicious, but most of the time they aren’t.  Just kids who don’t know any better and the Venatori shoot to kill in every single case.  Those bright futures lost to the arrogance of my own people.