Demon Hunters

The big blonde came over and stood next to me and watched the magic man do his thing. I watched in silence until the blonde said, “That was something. Never seen fire balls from a warlock that actually looked like fire.”

I squinted my eyes at him in confusion, “I’m not a warlock.” We exchanged that confused look while the archer watched the magic unfold. The two girls watched and waited with baited breathe. I was so confused.

I offered my hand to the blonde. “Nox.”

He looked down at my hand. He hesitated a moment before he took it. “Jace.” He nodded to the archer, “You’ve met Alec.” He pointed to their fallen comrade, “That’s Simon. The red-head is Clary, and the pretty one walking this way is Isabel.”

“A pleasure.” I offered my hand to Isabel and she clasped it firmly but I turned it and lifted it to my lips and kissed her middle knuckle.

She grinned at me before she spoke. “Can you make a portal?”

“Uh. Yeah, no. That purple thing ain’t in my skill set.” I quipped.

She turned back to Magnus, “He can’t do it.”

Jace laughed, “He says he’s not a warlock.”

“I’m not.” I furrowed my brow.

The archer glanced at me and nodded, “He’d probably know what he was or wasn’t. He seemed skilled in what he did know.” He turned and looked at me, “Can you help him?” He pointed at Simon who was growing paler by the minute.

“I can try.” I said calmly but I wasn’t sure what I could do would work. Humans didn’t heal like Venatori.

I knelt down and I feed Simon all four elements, they flowed into his body and I felt the poison coursing through his veins. But my ability wasn’t point anything other than pushing it through his body. I stopped and stood up. “I can’t do anything about the poison. His body won’t accept the elements.”

Everyone but the finely dressed man in flamboyant clothes was looking at me confused, he was busy waving his hands dramatically and a purple portal opened up. “Once we get him to the loft I can help with the poison.” He turned to look at me, “Then we can figure out what’s going on.”

I gave him a toothy smile and he winked back at me. I heard a grunt from behind me and saw Alec pouting. Jace lifted Simon up off the ground and he looked a lot worse for wear. “I don’t think you should move him like that.”

“How else do you expect to get him through the portal?” Jace said with annoyance clear in his voice.

“On a litter. Put him back down.” Jace glared at me.

Alec stepped in, “He’s right, just do it. Simon looks like he’s going to dye like that.” Jace followed the instructions, but he didn’t look happy about it. Alec turned to me with a wave of his hand, “And your suggestion?”

I crafted a board of air underneath him and levitated it on additional weaves of air. “Just push.”

Alec blew a soft whistle. But it was Jace who laughed, “Levitation.”

“Not exactly. Solid air for a back board on addition moving waves of air. Just push.” I said flatly. But all I got was random stares before they all stepped through the portal leaving me with flamboyance of the magic man. He waved his hand for me to step in. “Is it safe?”

“Your first portal?” His voice was light with humor and curiosity.

“No, second, the first one landed me in this mess.”

“It’s perfectly safe.” He waved his hand again and I sighed as I stepped through. There wasn’t much else I could do. I could stay in the damp place I landed or I can figure out where I was.

I felt the discombobulation of the portal the moment I stepped through, but it was less gut wrenching this time as I stumbled on to a Persian rug in the middle of a large ornate room. Those before me had already started moving things around making their friend comfortable. I could see clearly for the first time since arriving.

The place was lascivious yet there were toys strewn all about. My hands twitched to pick them up and put them away. There was a book lying face open on the couch like it had been hastily put aside. Everything in the large room said it was Magnus’ place. It was extravagant as he was – except for the toys. I still couldn’t fathom the toys.

I stood out of the way as the four dressed in all black busied themselves as the portal flickered closed behind me and I saw the purple silk clad man stride across the floor in three fluid movement waving everyone away. His fingers were clad in rings, his hair highlighted with blue to complement the glitter that seemed to be everywhere.

He looked bright in contrast to everyone else in the room. Magnus was calling out ingredients and names as hes worked, everyone following instructions as they tried to help their friend. I could only stand back and watch. There was faint whimper down the hall. I had nothing better to do than figure out what was down there. No one seemed to notice when I slipped away.