Golden Portals

Leading a pack of werewolves was complicated. Leading an entire organization was a completely different matter, but when you throw two of them at a person at one time, it was beyond comparison. I was completely overwhelmed with the new role my life had taken on. Not only was I expected to be some great leader out of the gate, there were people who hated me for that very fact.

Not two days prior did I have a man come up and try to stab me in the back. Thankfully after the first attempt on my life the head of my new security team stepped it up yet another notch. The one thing about being indebted to Il Cane, the only person who every supernatural race feared, was that she intended to keep me alive for as long as possible. So she sent me her son to be my new protector. He followed me around like he was a lost puppy, but who had more teeth than a shark and a temper worse than any chihuahua. Ant was my friend, and I’d made him head of security, which he took personally but still insisted he follow me around – trusting no one but himself or those closest to him to my safety or meet the wrath of his mother. And like I said before, Il Cane was feared by everyone.

So it wasn’t surprising when a golden portal opened up in the conference room where I was meeting with a few human mages or shamans or whatever they wanted to call themselves – the were human who could touch upon the differing magics of the world. It was rare, but New York City was host to many rare things me being the most rare of them all. I was called Ascendant by those in the know. I was one of a kind the start of a new breed of supernatural creatures. My children would be Ascendant, though my biological daughter showed no extraordinary powers at her present age of three months. I refused to let Asher preform any tests on her despite the contract that her mother and father signed. Being leader of all had its perks.

My love life was complicated; my wife was two months pregnant with my second child. My boyfriend was married to the mother of my first child and she was having issues dealing with any arrangements we might make to make this whole thing work. I didn’t want to think about it, it made my head hurt, but I loved Isabel and I loved Dorian, I couldn’t live without either of them. Dorian grounded me while Isabel spurred me on to greater things. I needed them both. They knew it, knew how I felt, but Dorian was in a loveless marriage because of me but one to which he was resigned to call off – because of me. It was all because of me.

But the meeting took me away from things in my personal life. The assassination attempts had only been getting worse. Though we hadn’t expected the human factions to really care, we were only meeting with them so I could meet them and show support for their rights. To welcome them into the new world we were going to create. They apparently wanted none of that as the man started chanting and the golden portal opened up. Ant couldn’t move fast enough before I was flung through the portal with a massive shock wave that shook the building.

I’d traveled through the shadows with vampires before – it was a gut wrenching experience and I vomited the first time Ant pulled me through one. Traveling through the portal was worse; it felt like every atom in my body disintegrated and I was scattered to the wind. I felt the tiny particles of my life being torn apart and reassembled upon reentry as I fell to the the ground in a heap.

The contents of my stomach emptied on to the hard pavement. I felt completely drained of all energy. The world was spinning but as I tried to stand I noticed the shadows around me were moving and not in the way shadows were supposed to move.