Venatori don’t have a religion so to speak.  We believe in a creator.  But we do not worship gods of any sort.  Some Venatori take upon themselves to worship human gods and human ways.  But as a whole there is no Venatori god or religion.

Every race, religion and every anything has a creation myth.  A creator.  The current Christian religion says God created the world in 7 days.  Humans being the only race he created.

The world may have been created in 7 days.  It may be created by the all seeing God in the sky.  But the Clandestine Providence declares there where five major races created – Humans, Vampires, Dragons, Angels and Demons.  Each race have their own unique history.  Humans have a history that is what the world things is history.  Every other history is kept silent by the Clandestine Providence.

Vampires were turned into the first Were creatures for turning humans to embraced vampires.  These vampires were killed but they were created again and the vampires were unable to irradiate them.

Dragons don’t share their history often but they are the reason that there are Magnus in the Venatori.  Half Dragon, half humans mated with Venatori and we got magic in our veins.

Angels and Demons aren’t actually of this world, they need to take human hosts.  Kinda like possession.  But they differ.

None of our races really have gods or religion, that is for the humans to explain the ways of the world away – they can’t possibly believe in magic.