E: Endothermic

AJ has the best best-friend ever – her idea.  I won’t tell the other suggestion offered cause that’ll start a WHOLE other off topic discussion.

Endothermic – a word used in chemistry and I groan at the use of it.  I hated school.  I hated it with a passion so strong that if it were not for Dae’lin’s rules I would have failed every class.  But I love my ability – it’s who I am.  So in order to learn from her how to use and control my ability I had to get straight A’s. So nose meet book!

But chemistry and physics and math they came easy to me  – why? patterns.  And it’s the fundamental basics for all living things and objects around us.  Those annoying classes have taught me a lot about how my ability works.

Endothermic reactions are those that have absorbed or been caused by heat.  So when you add fire to a pattern you are causing heat in a sense.  Fire and ice = water.  Everyone knows this.  So how do you make a cloud?  Fire, water and earth.  Earth for the water to bind to, and fire to heat the water to a mist.  And walla a cloud forms.

In chemistry you learn a lot about about molecular structures too, and that is the basics of everything I do.  Every object is composed of atoms and those atoms are elements or composed of elements.  It’s hard to imagine science and magic working together, but they do.  I don’t believe one exists without the other.