I’ve spoken of power levels before here.  I’ve told you parts of how it’s done – how we are ranked: skill, natural ability and power levels all combining to make your rank.

But for each skill level there is a test.  Even when you are an initiate there is a test, but the test is merely a mechanism to determine your power level and what elements you can touch.  Most only get one, two at most, four is rare and being able to touch them all at the same time is rarely testable.  That is until me.

I was 10 when they found out I was Cesari.  I created a statue for the annual art fair that I rushed through using all four elements at the same time in front of everyone at the fair that day.  The statue still sits in the lobby of the AU building.  But shortly there after they tested me for Adept.

It’s a series of boxes that have small puzzles inside that are meant to be manipulated by an individual element.  But me being me and puzzles and patterns being my inherent Venatori gift I put the four pieces together and used all four elements at the same time to finish the test in record time.

In order to become Adept you have to complete the test of all elements you can control in a set amount of time.  I still hold the record today.  Being Cesari is that rare.