The Last First Kiss

Sharing time.  Saw the prompt liked it enough that I convinced AJ to post mine…  So first snippet don’t mind the grammar spelling and the inconsistencies it’s a very rough draft.

I followed with little resistance. Dorian opened his door and I was surprised to find it a stark difference from the rest of his living quarters. Where everything else was shades of gray, his bedroom was painted blue and everything else was bright and blue. The window let in sunlight. The rest of the house had been closed off to the sun. I stood staring in the doorway while Dorian went to the bathroom arond the corner. I could hear running water. I took a step inside. It was the first voluntary move I’d made. I smelled more cinamon and vanilla here than anywhere else in his house. I closed my eyes and took a slow deep breath.

I could feel the tension leaving with each breath. I opened my eyes and laid on my stomach across Dorian’s bed and I could smell Dorian all over the covering. I buried my face in the blue comfortor.

I felt Dorian sit down on the soft bed. I winced when he touched my back. “Garrett did this?”

I didn’t really know. I was doubting my sanity. “I don’t know.” It came out muffled and I had to turn my head to the side and I repeated myself. “I don’t know. I don’t know if he did it, or if he invaded my day dreams.” He’s never done that before.

Dorian nodded as he tenderly cared for the lashes across my back. Whatever he was putting on it stung and I could feel the increased crawling of my skin stiching itselft back together. I watched the man’s expression change as he applied the green looking salve to my back. Dorian asked, “You were day dreaming? About what?”

I could hear the hope in his voice and I looked over at him and he met my eyes. “Honestly. You. I was watching you walk away and thinking about … things”.

Dorian chuckled, “Things?”

“Do you really want me to spell it out, Dorian?” I sat up and turned towards him. His body was as close as humanly possibly to me without being in my lap.

Dorian felt uncomfortable or that’s the impression I got from the way he swallowed. I asked. “Do you want to know what I was thinking about, really Dorian?”

He nodded. I leaned in close and I could smell his perfect scent, the cinamon and vanilla were over top his scent but not. I could get lost in it. I whispered. “I was thinking about how much I wanted to kiss you. How much I wanted to see you naked. To touch your skin and feel your body against mine.”

Dorian’s breathing had increased and I could feel his warm breath against my neck. Dorian whispered. “I need to finish your back.” His voice sounded breathless and he didn’t really want to. But I pulled back and saw the lust in his eyes. He was fightin the temptation. I laid down on my stomach and let Dorian finish what he had started. His hands were delicate against my skin. I focused on each touch. My breath quickedn with each one. It wasn’t the intamacy I had been dreaming about since meeting him, but it was better – because it was free will and not about sex.

My back hurt less and the crawling had stopped. Dorian was wiping the excess salve from my back with a damp towel. When he was finished I felt the bed move and Dorian’s weight removed from the bed. I looked back at him and saw him unbuttoning his shirt. I turned around and sat up and watched him remove the button up shirt. As each button unfolded I saw the beginnings of a dark tattoo across his chest.

He wasn’t built like Jace or most other Venatori that I’d seen naked. I hadn’t really been with a scholarly type before. He had defined muscles everywhere but they were softer. The tattooo covered his chest and when he removed the shirt completely I saw it covered his arm from shoulder to just above his wrist. Dorian’s hand fled to his waist and I grabbed them and shook my head. “No.” I pulled him close to me between my legs and kissed his chest. “This is enough.” I licked and nibbled at his chest then looked up at him. “Is that okay?”

He nodded and pushed me backwards I crawled up higher on the bed and Dorian followed. His hot breathe against my skin. I pulled him to my lips and felt his soft lips against mine. He bit my lip softly and a moan escaped before I could stop it. Dorian’s mouth trailed along my chin and down to my ear and my throat. He used the perfect amount of tongue and teeth and I was putty in his hands. His hands were soft and gentle acrossed my body and I was in heaven touching the taunt soft skin of his back.

Dorian sat up abruptly and took my hands that had fallen to his thighs as he sat on my hips staring down at me. There was something primal in his eyes and it stirred things deep down inside. Dorian drew my hands above my head starting from my sides his hand caressing my skin. He pinned my hands there with both of his. His body on top of me. He kissed me deeply and I knew Dorian wanted to play rough. My mind started to panic. I wasn’t ready for that so soon after Garrett.

Dorian pulled back slightly and I managed to stutter out. “Yel..St..stop.”

Dorian sat up and let me go. I let my hands hang limp where he’d left them. “I’m sorry.”

Dorian got up and I followed him. “Dorian…Stop.”

He did and I pressed my body against his back wrapping my arms around his waist. “Just not today.”