Shallow? Conceited? Concerned with the superficial?  I suppose that fits me to a degree.  It’s what I pretend to be.  Where looks matter.  Where I’m the center of attention and don’t really care about anyone else.

That’s who I am to most people.  But it’s a front – a means to push people away.

I can take things too far, but I try not to hurt others on purpose.  But sometimes it happens.

It all boils down to wanting to not get hurt.  I don’t let you close, those, like Jace, who see through my bullshit are the ones I usually end up letting in.  It’s a rare connection but once I have it I try my best to maintain that level of trust.  Jace and I joke around but we both know it’s just that a joke.  He’s my best friend, I would never do anything to hurt him.