Trapped in a situation you can’t get out of?  It sucks.  My first year in the Academy I was trapped in that type of situation.  My mentor was abusing me.  I will admit this now to a few people – mainly myself but still I admit it now.

But had I said something all those years ago there would still be no proof of the abuse.  It would have been his word against mine.  And the only physical signs were things he made me do to myself.

One could say that it was my own mind making me do those things to myself, but I know better.  He knows better.

Every Venatori has a gift.  Some are subtle like photographic memory or reading patterns. Others are very useful like understanding languages immediately or seeing into the future.   And then there are the dangerous ones like mind control and dream walking.  The dangerous ones are kept under strict controls but only if you are cataloged at some point in your life.

My mentor Garrett Spencer was one of many rare cases with two mild abilities one he claims openly – empathy  and the second not at all – dream walking.

The only way Garrett could get me to spark was through fear and the only thing I really feared at a young age that he could manipulate instantaneous responses was through violence.  Hitting children is against the law in nearly every culture.  Children are the future and all that.  So he would set me into a sleep state at each session and beat me in my dreams.

Manipulating one’s dreams isn’t dangerous in and of itself, but it is when the manipulator can make you do something in your dreams  you wouldn’t otherwise do.  Such as creating threads of hot razor sharp air that could cut your skin and mimic the dream world.  Which is to say what he did.  And since patterns aren’t caught on camera and with enough clothes on because of super healing no one was the wiser except for the scars that it left behind because of the frequency of them.

The manipulation didn’t stop when the class did.  He tormented my nights.  And those dreams are what I see every night.  I’m far enough away from him, the connection to me is weak, but I know he still peaks into my nightmares from time to time only to make sure that they are exceptionally cruel that night.  It is one reason I stay away from the City voluntarily – my nightmares aren’t quite so bad.