Favorite Food

I love food.  Granted I’m rather picky about what I eat, but food is a great thing.  And I prefer to make my own food.  I’ve been cooking since I was about 10 mostly because it was a comfort.  Now because it puts me in the right frame of mind.

I’ve mentioned I’m a sucker for chocolate.  But I wouldn’t consider it my favorite food – my favorite sweet yes.  The only sweet I really eat except pie.  I like pie – pumpkin pie is my favorite with a little dab of fresh whipped cream – heaven.

But my favorite food is really hard to nail down.  My favorite everyday meal I make is marinated steak and roasted vegetables.  But who doesn’t love steak.  It’s my normal Sunday night dinner and I eat on it for a few meals afterwards too.  Leftovers are always used.

When I go out to eat I’ll eat at most any joint, but I prefer Italian food and growing up in New York City I had access to some of the greatest Italian chef’s this side of the Atlantic. Going out is the one time I indulge in pasta otherwise I don’t.  But Italian food hits so many pasta dishes I love – I’m a huge fan of butternut stuff ravioli in a browned butter sauce – any sauce really.