Wild Flowers

I’ve never been a big flower guy.  I don’t see the point in reality.  Flowers die unless they are those silk ones you can buy in the store.  I’m not big on romance either I guess having never actually dated anyone seriously.

But flowers should be kept on their stems for everyone to look at and let nature takes it’s course. I’d rather take a girl (or a guy if he’s into it) on a walk through the gardens smelling the over abundant perfume of flowers than have some that will die in a vase.  Why kill nature when you can just as easily buy a potted plant that will survive a lot longer.

Then again jewelry and chocolate is another thing that the world created to sell shit.  Though I will admit in all my healthy endeavors and no sugar regime of food for the most part, chocolate is my one weakness.  Very girly of me, I suppose that is one of the feminine traits I will cope up to openly.  The rest good luck on my agreeing to them.

Let the flowers roam free!  Should I start that movement too??