Meeting Michaela

Whelp, I met my handler tonight. It’s about all I got done today after filling out a shit ton of paperwork. Car insurance, ‘rental’ agreements, keys to my room. And of course the glories that are orientation. I was a new hunter, there was not a person in the Venatori who believed we were completely ready yet so we got sat down to talk about the local flora and fauna and of course the native supernatural creatures.

When I was finally let go it was just about time to meet my handler. The bar I was to meet them at was only a few blocks away – walking sounded prudent considering it was a bar.  I wasn’t exactly drinking age, but it had never stopped me before.  My beard wasn’t gowning in yet and I didn’t quite look 18 and I was knew in town.  My id however said otherwise, 21.  I needed to be able to buy whatever I wanted and that age was the perfect age for everything.  Not that I would drink more than a beer or two anyway.  Though I might pretend otherwise.  I will not ever again get plastered.  Just thinking about it causes my anxiety to rise.

I decided a good run was in order before meeting my handler.  I was still feeling the stress of the flight so it really was in my best interest.  I musta ran for an hour and was a bit late for my meeting.  When I got to the bar there was this short brunette standing outside leaning against the wall.  She had her back to me and all I could think was nice ass, but I had more important things to do than hit on girls.  I started past her and her arm flung out and stopped my passage.  She turned around with a dark gaze and literally said, “No one keeps me waiting.”

I grinned at her, “Whatever you want Duckling, but I need to get inside to meet someone first.”

She shook her head and faster than any human could go she spun me up against the wall and held me there with strength beyond her supposed capability.  That was when I noticed the pair of cross swords hidden neatly behind a fall of her chocolate colored hair.  “Where have you been?”

I told her the truth.  I’d gone for a run to clear my head.  She eased up a bit until I made a smart comment about going someplace else.  The strength in that little girl was impressive, even for a Venatori, but I was getting tired of the game, so I crafted a very heavy and thick wall of air between her and I and pushed her away from me with ease.  She stared at me dumbfounded as I looked down on her as I straighten my clothes. “I don’t appreciate being pinned up against the wall.”  I gave her my charming smile with the crude comment, “Unless you have other plans for the night.”  I was rewarded with a slight blush before she started a blur of movements to catch me off guard.

We fought in the shadows for a good fifteen minutes I’d gather before she was huffing and puffing and I finally blew her on her ass with a gust of air.  She sat in a puddle of my creation and frowned up at me.  “I was told you were Magnus, but no Magnus has ever fought like that before.”

I gave her half a smile.  “I ain’t your normal Magnus.”  I offered her a hand and she took it but she tried to pull me down in the puddle instead, I let her slip from my grip with a small little pattern of oil along my arm and she tumbled back to the ground splashing in the puddle yet again.

“Then what pray-tell are you?”

“For starters, I’m Cesari.  And second I’m half human.  I don’t have your speed, your strength or your agility so I defend myself however I need to to survive this world.”

She smiled up at me and stood up on her own.  I wasn’t going to offer a hand again anyway.  She offered me hers but I didn’t take it.  She laughed.  “I’m Michaela Donovan, you can call me Donovan.”

I nodded.  “Nox.”

She had intended that we go into have a few drinks but now she was soaking wet so we went our separate ways and would meet up bright and early at 8 am sharp she said.  That wasn’t bright and early for me, but I nodded and figured I’d have a beer then go find my rinky dink little room.  It’ll suffice for now.  I don’t intended to stay around here much.