Apex Unlimited

The image above is not the AU building it’s just a building that inspired the post.

The Apex Unlimited Building in New  York City is the main headquarters for the entire race of beings we call the Venatori.  Our society is highly moderated as are most supernatural cultures as it is key to keeping our world secret from the fragile humans that we have sworn to protect via the Clandestine Providence. It wasn’t always the main building, but when the “New World” was discovered and became a power house in politics and foreign affairs it was time for the Venatori to make that change as well.

The AU building as it is fondly called by most of the residents of New York is 55 floors high, the first five floors are public areas – a shopping mall and other places that are for consumers of some sort or another.  My favorite place in the public area is the gym, I don’t look quite so out of place when I’m down there instead of in the Venatori gyms.

The middle of the AU building contains offices of businesses and other type things like that.  The top 27 floors are Venatori and/or supernatural being related.  The elevators do not go all the way to the top, you have to get off the elevator and move to another part of the building to go up.  The first of the Venatori floors looks like a glorified office building and that is what it is but it’s actually the offices of the Venatori under the guise of Apex Unlimited.

Apex Unlimited is a Venatori owned conglomerate.  It is one of the many companies that fund the Venatori lifestyle.  Apex Unlimited makes may of the favored brands of coffee, colas, candy and just about anything else it can get it’s hands on.  Apex Unlimited is also a leading contributor in the the fields of genetic research – for that matter medical research.  Apex Unlimited is a world wide corporation and it is the Ventori’s life blood.

Above the two main compound floors that contain all important people’s offices and conference rooms is the Infirmary.  Our supernatural hospital that is geared towards Venatori and other supernatural beings, humans frequent it as well, but not nearly as often.  It is also where most of the research that Apex Unlimited does is housed.


The next three floors are the Archives – a place where ever single piece of information the Venatori have is stored going back as far as the written word.  There are Scrin (our archivist and normal occupation folks) whose sole purpose in life is to read forgotten languages. They are some of the dullest people I know, but they have the best stories to tell you of old.

The three floors that follow the Archives are the ones related to the Academy – all the classrooms, teacher’s offices, testing rooms etc.  These are the floors I practically lived on when I was in the Academy.

But I didn’t, the Dormitories were the next four floors.  There was space for a lot of kids in the Dormitories with four students to most rooms.  I’m not sure the Academy has ever been at capacity, but someone was thinking large when they designated rooms.

The next few floors are common areas for normal life style items of the Venatori – gyms, cafeteria, specialty foods, equipment, we even have a few tattoo artists and other extravagances that you are allotted monies for.  See in the Venatori you don’t really own anything – the roof over your head is usually owned by the Venatori, you are assigned accommodations based on your status and the number of people in your household.  We are given a small stipend of money that we can spend in whatever fashion we want, and every year a bonus is given to spend on other extravagances.

You can choose to live off the compound for a salary, though most of the New York branch do not.  Though a few like Jace choose to live in the suburbs or on Long Island.

The next nine floors are were the Venatori live – we call it the Residences.  The higher you go up, the more prestige you have in the Venatori.  It is rare for a single person to live anywhere above the fifth floor of the residences. Think mansions the higher you get.  These are people you don’t mess with – not even the ruling families have homes in these areas.

I’ve never known a person who has lived above the fifth floor. It’s damned right privilege to live up there.

The top and final floor is really where Apex Unlimited is housed – this is where the company does all of it’s business as a Venatori front.  This is also the home of Dr. Asher Eriksen – the man who is the brains behind Apex Unlimited.  His family has run the AU building since the dawn of it’s creation.  It is Asher’s money that the Venatori live on.  It is by the good graces of the man the Venatori do not crumble and die a horrid death.  It is Asher who provides for every single Venatori in known existence.  He is the end all and be all to where money get’s spent.  If Asher doesn’t like it, you can’t do it.