Marriage is pretty traditional in the Venatori. Though being unmarried and having children is also very common.  My father is case in point.  My two eldest half-siblings, Adam and Iris are the only two that have the same mother. Marius, Tobias, Nick and myself all have different mothers.

Where as my father’s best friend has three children all with his wife.  Jace’s family is very traditional as well. Hell even Jace is pretty traditional, married a girl out of the Academy, they have two kids at the present – Naya, who is the sweetest little angel in the world, and JJ, Jason Hill Jr, who is a real spit-fire.  I love them both like they were my own, I’d do anything for them. I hate that I don’t get to see them often, but since they’ve been born I’ve been back to New York more often.

I don’t expect with my track record that there will be a Mrs. Sétanta, much less a significant other who I would settle down with.  At present the longest relationship I’ve been in has been with Jace and that’s because he’s my best friend. I suppose Margo and Dae’lin also rank up there as long term relationships as guardian/protector types for me.  But outside of those three there has been no-one.

But that won’t stop me from being a father. That is my end game goal at present. There will come a time soon that hunting will be less important to me than starting my own family. I feel the loneliness pull at me regularly, it will happen sooner rather than later.

As a side note, I chose the picture associated with this because it’s not traditional as I’m not traditional. If I get married it may not be to a woman as per tradition. But I doubt there is a soul in this world or the next that can tolerate my annoying quirks.