Facebook is an awesome thing. It’s great for keeping in touch with people, and it’s great for getting virus and various other entertainingly fun things to clean off your computer.

However today one article some random page posted totally fit with my topic today – sex. Specifically what do you tell your kids about the birds and the bees. I do not have this conundrum yet, but it will happen and I intend to be as open as possible about it.  But this article is truly all about the context.

The little girl tells her daddy all about what she learned in school that day – how boys are different from girls.  How boys have this thing hanging down and it swells up when the boy sees the girl and the girl likes it and they know – they then get married and then cooked!  Yes you heard me cooked!

She then shows him her drawing of what she learned that day in school.  It’s a beautiful portrayal of a male turkey with his snood all prettily hanging for every girl to check out. So poor daddy dearest was on a totally different page than his grade school daughter. It’s a good thing he was uncomfortable about sharing more – she might have gotten more than she bargained for – him too.

via This Little Girl Learned A Valuable Lesson. When She Told Her Dad, He Was Speechless!.