The First Moment

This is an exercise in description and body language. It contains spoilers for stories in the future. We’ll try not to reveal too much.

The glass room, that made me feel like I was in a fish bowl, was empty as Dae’lin ushered me in with a strong grip on my arm. The conference table was polished to a shine and looked unused. The uncomfortable chairs around the table waited for us to sit down.

I turned to watch my escort shuffle her papers. I could see the corners of her mouth turned down and her eyebrows drawn in and up.  I’d seen the look many times when she tried to hide her disappointment.  The pattern of colors shifted around her.  I knew there was something  wrong and she was just stalling.

Dae’lin tapped her papers against the table to line them up again after her shuffling.  She continued to bumble about while we waited.  I took the opportunity to lean against the edge of the table and look elsewhere.  The floor was the same white and gray speckled tiles I remembered as a kid.  You could see the scuff marks from the innumerable chairs scraped against it.

The glass conference room door open and soft footsteps move inside and then closed the door.  A pair of shiny, black patent leather shoes crossed the section of floor I studied.  They stopped a few feet away from me.  My gaze followed the owner’s legs up.  His black dress pants were pressed and starched to perfection.

My eyes lingered on the package below the black leather belt with a silver buckle.  My eyes followed up the line that the powder blue button-up dress shirt and the black suit jacket made.  There was just something about the detail in a tailored suit that made me weak.

The room was quiet as I brought my gaze up to the newcomer’s face.  A tight-lipped smile drew up the corners of his mouth.  I could see the amusement swimming in the deep blue of his eyes.  I’d seen him many times over the years, and if I’d been paying attention I would have noticed sooner.  The sweet comforting scent of vanilla and cinnamon filling the room confirmed his presence.

His smile widened as he took a step towards me with his outstretched hand.  “Dorian Vega,” he intoned with a charming voice.

A low chuckled escaped from my lips before I could stop it with a grin.  “I know who you are.”  I took Dorian’s hand in mine and shook with a firm grip.  “Nox Sétanta.”  He withdrew his hand from mine and I felt the lingering touch of his soft uncalloused fingers on my own.

His smile gave way to the tiniest of a jaw drop, and his eyebrows rose in surprise.  We stared at one another for a few more moments letting what just happened sink in.  It was clear Dorian hadn’t recognized me and I had just checked out the man who guided me as a child.  Dae’lin cleared her throat, and I walked around the table.  I avoided contact  with the once-again prim and proper Dorian Vega as I took my seat in front of him. It was time to get down to business.