A defining moment in my life? There are quite a few that really mean a lot.

My first defining moment is the day I sparked. It was a scary day when I was a kid. It started out per usual. I was excited, my mom was coming home after having been out hunting monsters for a good bit. I was with my Nanny and I was was super excited to have my Halloween costume done. I had a facination with dragons back then. My favorite character of all time was Mushu from Mulan. I remember watching the cartoon for days on end.

I was flitting around in my dragon costume made from real dragon scales. If I think about it now, it’s kinda disgusting. Dragons like most reptiles shed their outter layer of skin. My Nanny being a dragon, kept the more prestine sheddings for use in armor making and various other projects – which included my halloween costume.

Anyway, my Nanny was sick that day so I was pretty much running amuck in the house. I was fending for myself – feeding my self cereal and pretty much just making a huge mess. Which is probably one reason why I’m such a neat freak now – bad things happen to those who make messes! Normally this wouldn’t have been a problem, but today my mom came home to the disaster I had made.

Cereal all over the counter, milk sloshed over the edges of the cereal bowl all over the counter and on the floor. My mom has a temper and she never held back on it. She took me by the arm and started yelling. I was afraid. I was 5, I was always afraid of that voice. It didn’t matter if it wasn’t directed at me I always cringed when she started in that loud yet quiet voice that held the heat of a thousand suns.

I saw it happen. I saw the patterns from in front of my eyes – the gorgeous transparent red pattern that formed and the curtains lept into flame. I see the pattern everyday now. I see how easily my mind can conjure the simple element. It took a lot of training to not set things on fire just with a thought. The fire made my mother even angrier and my life fell to shit. She shook me and asked me if I did it. She raced to the kitchen to get the fire extinquisher and set it lose on the fire that was raging everywhere in the living room now.

When it was out she angrily threw it at me, narrowly missing my head and yelling at me to go to my room. That one moment changed my life. That one moment made me the man I am today. That one moment sent my life into a downward spiral I’m still fighting to rise up from. That one moment defined everything about me.