A little Inspiration

AJ started a Sunday Prompt. And we’ve had some participation. It’s always fun to see something happen with the little things like that.

And yesterday was supposed to be a motivational quote or something and I skipped on over to Character interview series. Oops. I think instead I’ll do a Monday showcase of the Sunday Prompts (with motivation/inspiration).I just need to remember the order of my themes lol. (As a side note: AJ’s bullet journal didn’t work, it fell off in the first week and now we are looking for a better way to handle it.)

The first prompt was drama or tragedy/comedy masks, a shooting star and an arrow. And the submission last week was two characters participating in a drawing competition and a little bit of love going on.

We enjoyed cute story.

I will leave you with a motivational quote from Walt Disney.

“The Best Way To Get Started Is To Quit Talking And Begin Doing.”

Walt Disney

New Year!

2020 is over, and 2021 hasn’t been great to us over on this side of the screen. It’s not something I can talk about. Not that AJ wants to anyway, but it’s not happy times atm. But that doesn’t mean we don’t try to make the best of it and move forward. Can’t change anything that has happened, only do better in the future.

AJ’s pushed one thing to next week already for her new and improved self. But mostly because the thought of working out while feeling not quite herself doesn’t seem safe specially when it’s a new program she’s gonna try out.

We are working on our short story for the Sunday prompt. AJ is letting me ramble first thing in the morning. So other than that slight deviation we are going well. AJ has to think about dinner for the family. That’s a whole other issue, but it’s only 3 months. Three very long months.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention today was Motivation Monday. Something AJ has planned so that we have some sort of theme for the days of the week. Today’s is a quote AJ found when searching for motivational quotes. And it fits today’s feeling.

“Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.”

So all in all I hope the lot of you have an awesome New Year, may it be better than last year.

Zombieland rules

So to preface this, AJ has never watched Zombieland so this is all new to her, which means I have no reference. But I’ve been told these are some quotes to live by – specially now with everyone coming after me. Or if there is ever the Zombie apocalypse. Or maybe for the days of the Coronavirsus panic…? [rules from here]

Rule #1: Cardio
“When the virus struck, for obvious reasons, the first ones to go were the fatties.”

Rule #2: Double Tap
“You had to get a gun and learn how to use it, which leads me to my second rule: the double tap. In those moments when you’re not sure the undead are really dead-dead, don’t get all stingy with your bullets. I mean, one more clean shot to the head.”

Rule #2 (Deleted Scene): Ziploc Bags
“You got enough problems, moisture shouldn’t be one of them.”

Rule #3: Beware of Bathrooms
“Don’t let them catch you with your pants down.”

Rule #4: Seatbelts
“Fasten your seatbelts. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.”

Rule #6 (Promotional Video): Cast Iron Skillet
“Big. Cast iron. Contrary to what you’ve seen, it won’t flatten a face, but the feel of it when you hit something, chills. Your whole arm vibrates.”

Rule #7: Travel Light
“And I don’t mean just luggage.”

Rule #12 (Promotional Video): Bounty Paper Towels
“If there is one way to describe Zombieland, it is ‘moist.'”

Rule #15 (Promotional Video): Bowling Ball
“Nothing says massive head trauma like a bowling ball — preferably 16 pounds. Don’t use a little pink one.”

Rule #17: Don’t be a Hero
As Columbus says, “Some rules are made to be broken.”

Rule #18: Limber Up
“Going down that hill, it is very important.”

Rule #29 (Promotional Video): The Buddy System
“We have each other’s backs.”

Rule #31: Check the Back Seat
“No one back there but my duffel bag.”

Rule #32: Enjoy the Little Things
“I hate to give credit to anyone who looks like Yosemite Sam, but I’m writing it down.” Thanks for this one, Tallahassee!

Rule #33 (Promotional Video): Swiss Army Knife
“The Swiss army used that knife for a reason.”