How cool is it when all the words can line up into a nice run in a post without too much effort. And today is Locations lore day. And since one of the words is actually the name of one of my favorite clubs we’ll do that — Aspect.

Aspect is a dance club that features a bar, a multi-tiered dancefloor. It’s owned and operated by Maxwell Slattery. His best friend Andrew Morris aka Drew heads up the bar and has invested heavily in the club.

The club is is located in New York City in the Meatpacking District on West 16th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues. There are bars located in the vicinity in the real world, but Aspect is a purely made up bar.

Aspect has no real theme to it. There are are lots of purple and blue neon lights — the color scheme being purple blue and black. Now that we are talking about it, we see a galaxy painted on the ceiling and on the walls adding to the aesthetic.

There are some standing barstool tables, but it is first and foremost a dance club covering two floors. There is a stage where live performances play but usually is host to the DJ station. The layout of the dance floor around the stage allows for some cozy dance spots for intimate encounters. The coat room is a great place for those awkward introductions, or a distracted getaway.

Aspect shows up in the first book. As a teenager it was our go to club as they allowed in underage folks as long as you weren’t drinking which we weren’t. Just dancing. And it helps if you can persuade easily. Mia is very good at getting her way — not quite telepathic or empathic, but her gift is the ability to persuade others into doing things — even if you don’t want to. Which is probably why I was such a deviant — Sage too.

Really Lax

Sorry everyone I’ve let my blog get away from me. My goddess has been doing the holiday brain fry thing. We’ve done very little the past week. She’s working, while the rest of the family is at home. The joy — but it is quiet.

But with all the holiday shuffle, AJ is also working on new stuff for the blog. We are going to start off every week with a Weekly Writing Prompt, that ya’ll can participate in. And AJ will write up something for me on the fly for a Saturday posting. If we get anyone sharing their own stories, I will try to get a post in where I have read and oohed and ahhed over them here. But that’s up in the air as we don’t know if anyone will participate.

This year is ending, and boy has it been a year. AJ finished round 1 of edits of the Call of the Dragon! We plan on publishing a short story in ebook form end of the first quarter, and the Call of the Dragon by years end. At least that is the goal! AJ’s also hoping to start up a newsletter, and maybe get that rolling out once a month end of Q1. And maybe even start up the pod cast I’ve been poking her about. I don’t expect it to be out by end of Q1 but hey it’d be nice, there are a few more technical aspects to that that AJ has to do some research on since she doesn’t want me to sound like her!

I expect this next week to be just as lax as the last one. AJ’s trying her best to stay on task. And we are almost ready for beta readers on the short story. If any of ya want to read it first and make comments shoot me a comment, or email me at and I’ll pass ya along to AJ. Though she will be looking for some very specific people — particularly ones who’ve never read about me. As this is the first introduction some people might see AJ wants to make sure that what she wants to come across does without prejudice and knowledge.

But you are welcome to read it if you’d like to.

I belated Merry Christmas to everyone and I wish you all the very best in the following year.

Dragon Hunting

So AJ is going to publish a short story from the First Hunt that she’s going to tie into The Call of the Dragon. But since the snipet is from a Novelization of the story, it’s missing a good beginning. AJ’s wondering how best to handle that.

We could go the traditional route and get an ordinary world summary type of what I’m doing in the Rocky Mountains in telling fashion. Or we could go with some introductory scene between me and someone else in the story to set the scene. Or (which is currently my favorite) I break the fourth wall. ‘Hi, my name is Nox Sétanta, and I’m a fucking mess.’ type beginning.

AJ likes the idea of using a Forward/Prologue esque type introduction to the story as a whole like I’d tell you all here. It’s not part of the story but if you don’t read it you don’t get the personality behind it all as well. And maybe a wrap up the same way. Deadpool is the only movie I know that has done it so well. It’s great and humourous and if done well as it is in the movie can be highly entertaining. And since AJ wants to share me, more so than my story, I think that it fits well with AJ’s goals. (AJ does too).

But does it put people off? Would the Prologue/Forward entrance set the tone and people expect it for the rest of the novel? That’s a huge rewrite. But then again it’s not. As I do a lot of thinking and telling my side of things regularly.

Anyway, it’s something AJ has to think about. AJ is finally working up the nerve to publish and the short story is a good way to get all the nitty-gritty out of the way in a fast manner to see how much time things might need. She’s also thinking about how much to charge for a short story versus a novel. So much work, and so little time.

Below you will find the Dragon Hunting short story novelized portion of The First Hunt. This is unedited and already been posted here. It is not what AJ will post there are some fundamental changes that will happen along with the intro and outro changes. Sadly my love affair has been removed for continuity sake. Mik and me won’t really be mentioned. And me and Alex really won’t come up much. Both do have a few mentions as they are important, but most of it has been removed.

From the First Hunt: Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI | Part VII

Fun with Glitter


Glitter is one of today’s prompts. And last year about this time AJ wrote a short story about glitter.

Part OnePart TwoPart Three

Check out my freakout about Glitter it’s legendary.Well not really. But you get why I used the word lol.


I never was big on watching sports. Well except swimming. There is just something that gets me going about a hot body covered in dripping water that gets me all hot and bothered. My first physical crush was on Dylan — a swimmer in the Academy. I loved watching him practice. Even after he kicked the hit out of me for trying to kiss him. I don’t know what I was thinking.

AJ had a thing for baseball and basketball. Well for a guy who played on the highschool team anyway. I never really understood the games. Though I do love when the ball goes through the hoop hitting nothing but net — swish!

But then you all know that I’m a big yoga guy anyway. I’m that girly guy who can bend fifty ways to Sunday and can probably out run most of you, and it has nothing at all to do with me being supernatural. Alex is just smirking over there in the corner as he watches me do all those bendy things. The comments he filters into my head make it really hard to concentrate.

The most sporty thing I did/do is sparring whether in a boxing ring, MMA ring or just in the Venatori ring where there are no real rules. I enjoy a good beat down. In more ways than one. But it’s calming knowing I can control my body that well. And there is nothing spontaneous about a match for me. I can read the patterns. It’s my only advantage when fighting the Venatori. Well that and the ability to weave air that no one can see. It’s a little cheating but I’m not really going to care one way or the other. Though the kids did in school. I even got out of our last match before graduation because they didn’t want to lose to the kid who was only half Venatori.

Nice Ass

So today’s prompts were all easily defined. Except one. AJ had to look it up. We’d still never use it in a sentence, but it inspired me and my gutteral mind.

The Word of the Day Challenge brings to you callipygian, which essentially means having a nice ass. Thus the title.

I’m not really an ass man. I am but in many other ways, but my greatest ‘hot’ spot is the eyes. Not that Alex doesn’t have a nice ass — because he does. But truly what grabs me is a great set of eyes. I tend to favor blue, but it doesn’t really matter what color. Though I’m partial to a particular set of ice blue one.

What do you first notice when you are attracted to a guy/girl/other person? There are so many things out there to like about your preference. And so many things to learn to love about the other person. Looks don’t make it a great relationship, but that’s usually the first thing that people see. They aren’t the reason you stay.

Though I hear Alex complaining in the background, if you get all fat and ugly I’m leaving you. But we all know that’s a joke. Even if he protests too much. He scoffs. I love him, but if anyone else said that to me I’d believe them. It’s funny how I went from expecting Alex to leave me, to knowing he won’t. We’ve been through so much shit I just know now.

So whatever you like — keep digging. I’m sure you’ll find more.