In the past book, Drake called Cass a suri. She took offense to it, and it started a big fight between them. It was explained a little in the story as to what it really was. But I figured I’d go into some details about it.

A suri is a derogatory term used to indicate a telepath who is constantly spying on people. For Cass this is mostly unintentional.

AJ did a little bit of digging to find an appropriate slur. There were a few different things we looked at before deciding.

Suri in Japanese means pickpocket. So an apt idea for the term.

It’s meant to be a slur that hurt Cass but wasn’t a known word to the world at large. Something that went straight for the chest. And it did it’s job.

Happy Friday!

It’s Friday. AJ has 2 chapters left to edit, which is about 12 scenes left. And Then she’s going to work on Dragon Hunting edits, before diving into the deep edit of The Call of the Dragon, as if she needed extra work.

AJ joined a book cover critique from Reedsy I think. It should be very interesting to see what someone professional says about AJs designs. In a book cover profession. AJ has the ability to get a Graphic Designers opinion easily as she works closely with one.

The most fustrating thing about it all is that its such a slow process. This editing thing. It’s not that AJ doesn’t want to do the work. It’s just time consuming. We have all the big holes fixed I think. Though AJ has a few bits and bobs to add to the front in order to allow for the ordinary world to show through. It’s a bit thing. So one or two new scenes and some edits afterwards.

AJ’s looking at work counts and where the important peices should fall to see if we have an evenly paced book. We think we have a front end heavy book, We might need to push the romance into other parts of the story so that’s going to be part of what AJ takes into consideration, how we might spread out the story a little bit so it’s not All Alex up front and none at the end.

AJ is going to enjoy using the Plot Grid in Dabble. Once we get all the scenes and sequels fleshed out it’ll be real easy to push them around a little and then make them flow into one pieces. Dabble is such a great tool. And it’s only getting better.