Sept 6, 2015 @ 4:45AM

#ThrowbackThursday – See how Darwynn’s Law ends

The Mind of Nox

Yesterday was a busy day, I didn’t get a chance to hit the writing.  I didn’t wake up with nightmares this morning.  My alarm actually woke me up.  Sage is still curled up in his bed sleeping.  He rolled over when my alarm went off after kissing me good morning.  I missed him.  I needed him.

So.  Yesterday we got back to HQ early in the morning.  We were able to book a flight for that afternoon and all of us were going to fly back to JFK and be back home in our own beds by 11:46PM.  It was late, but we were all okay with that.

While we waited for the vans to take us to the airport, we saw two familiar faces walking around HQ, hand in hand all kissy faced.  The boys all greeted them with fondness.  But I saw the surprised looks on their faces…

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A Player

#ThrowbackThursday – The first time I met Sage.

The Mind of Nox

Since I came into my own I’ve never had a true relationship. I have friends. I don’t have many, and I don’t have family to speak of – at least not of blood. True now I do have blood relatives. I have Jace and Dorian. They are my family and my friends. But until recently there has been no one in my life that I cared for.

Sex was meaningless until Sage. Sex was a means to get close to someone, to feel loved and then to push them away so that they never got close. I was a player in the worst sense of the world. I would find a girl or guy and taken them back to their place, or worse yet hook up in the bathroom or the dance floor. I never asked their names, I deleted their phone numbers the next morning if they put them…

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Pissed Off

Since Sage’s first post was about our fight I thought I’d remind everyone of how it happened #throwbackthursday #tbt

The Mind of Nox

Dev was one of those traditional type guys. He was meant to be with a girl. He liked to wine and dine her. Walk her home, kiss her good-night and maybe if he was lucky the night cap in her apartment. He’d been with Dee forever and then he met us. Of all my lovers he was the only one who really insisted he walk me home. Not because I needed to be protected but because he was that traditional. And I had no problem letting him take care of me. It made him happy and that’s what I wanted from all of them.

And I knew my behavior was making everyone pissy. Dev’s hand tightened on my hip as we walked down the street back to Sage’s house. The brownstone came into view but I knew we were close before that. The power around the little house was extraordinary…

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Missed Chances

#throwbackthursday This one is a reminder of Dev and Sage’s feelings towards each other in the beginning, how it wasn’t about me completely.

The Mind of Nox

A short following Rockstar and before The Children of Morpheus.

Weeks of being with Nox had changed things drastically. He’s shown me things I never knew existed. There is this little boy who is half a dragon and he can do magic and has these beautiful orange eyes, a dark skin that isn’t human and hair made of spun gold. And I fell in love him as easily and as quickly as I did Nox. The man has a huge heart. He took in a boy who’d lost everything.

He understands me in a way no one has before. I’ve been with others before who would indulge me. But not like Nox. Everything about him is about pleasing me. Not like doing my bidding or my slave. He wants to share pleasure with me. Nox’s greatest kink is to please his lovers. I’m not sure how this works. I want…

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Aspect – Mysterious Blue-Eyed Boy

I’m going to Throw Back to the first (second) time I met Sage and remind myself why I feel in love with my blue eye mysterious boy so that maybe we won’t fall the fuck apart. #throwbackthursday

The Mind of Nox

I made my way to the bar on the other side of the room. I would not get drunk, but I wanted a beer none-the-less. However, I never made it across the room before a hand was grabbing my arm and pulling me into the hallway that lead to the bathrooms. “Whoa, whoa, I don’t even know you.”

The small blonde looked up at me with a frown of disgust etched into her face. “What?” She looked down the hall to the line of women coming out of one door and paled. I laughed. She spluttered, “No. Not.” She stamped her foot into the ground and glared up at me with green eyes that were neither pretty nor one of those disgusting colors; they were just green. She could use a little makeup if you asked me.

There must have been a smirk on my face. “Wipe that smile off…

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