Monday Madness – Sparring with Dad

I headed to the elevator to take it down to Dae’lin’s office but I didn’t make it past the stairs. Walker was standing against the wall near the door down with a smile on his face. “There still isn’t enough info. Wanna hit the ring for a bit?” “You sure you want to be caught [...]

Monday Madness – Therapy

Drake and I walked hand in hand to the toddler facility and I bent down in front of him and I smiled. “Drake. You need to do me a favor okay?” He nodded and I wove the pattern of a veil. “Do you see this?” He nodded. “Pwetty.” “It is. But you can’t make in [...]

Restless Nights – A Great Start

Sleep came and so did the dreams. It wasn’t just dreams of the blue eyed monster, there were red and orange. The first strike landed against my back and I felt the sting in the real world and my eyes shot open. I wove air, earth, fire and water and fed it to the new [...]

Restless Nights – A Grimm Tale

Walker took the paper from me and saw the contact information and the times. He asked me, “Why did you want the times and dates?” “We can use it to pinpoint events that coincide. See what else The Dragon is up to other than robbing banks.” “That’s a wide birth of things to cover.” Walker [...]

Informant – Manhattan Pack

The train ride was slow as my mind sorted through the reasons why Dominic would be freaking out. The Dragon was using wolves to do the run around. I was still waiting on Liam to call. I got off the train and headed for the Apex Unlimited building. It was still hot but I would [...]

Informant – Comfort

As I took the elevator down I pulled out my phone and I called Sage. I smiled when I heard him answer, “Hey.” I said, “Hey yourself.” I know people in the elevator were looking at me strange, but I didn’t care. “I am going to be in your neck of the woods and was [...]

A Big Mess – A Name

Naomi was sitting in the room alone. I grabbed Walker by the arm and turned him towards me, “What’s going on? Why is no one talking to her?” “She won’t talk to anyone but you. She keeps throwing fire at us. Anytime anyone gets near the door.” “Why didn’t anyone call me?” I asked. Dae’lin [...]

A Big Mess – Little Dragon

I watched him walk back towards the train station. He turned around twice before he turned the corner. I waved at him each time and when he disappeared around the corner. Once inside, I headed up the stairs, taking them two at a time. My breathing was elevated, but it was nothing I wasn’t used [...]

A Big Mess – Childhood Room

Sage’s bedroom tour lasted all of five minutes. It was unchanged from his youth. An archaic computer was sitting on the desk. There were pictures of his friends pinned to the corkboard above his desk. I recognized them from the club though I couldn’t tell you their names. But I remembered the girl with the [...]

Conspiracy – Pack Ties

I took his hand, and we walked out of the diner with a wave to Bonnie. It was a short walk to the train station and we went two stops down before switching trains and heading into another part of town. Everyone knew the City was broken up into territories. What the humans didn't know [...]