Personal Assistant

Ant I met Cari and Ryan down in the lobby of the Night Life building. They were with a small Asian woman wearing smart business like attire. I wondered who she was. I didn’t feel any magic from her so she wasn’t supernatural. When Ant and I joined them. Ryan smiled at me. “Jin, this … Continue reading Personal Assistant

Super Hero

Before we could leave, Sage called my name. “Wait, Nox.” I stopped on the other side of the door, Ged and Vincent between me and Sage. “You can’t leave looking like that.” “Like what?” Dev giggled. “I think he means normal.” Sage nodded and grinned at Dev. “This isn’t the super hero I met. I … Continue reading Super Hero

Off to Fight

Isabel, Ged and Vincent walked past us and into the apartment. Ant spoke quietly, “We need to get you all inside.” Matt picked up Drake and took Fae’s hand and dragged them inside. Dee pulled Sage along and Dev was holding my hand but he seemed a little more shaken than before. Once we were … Continue reading Off to Fight