Love of My Life?

If it were the only way you could remain with the love of your life, would you be willing for both of you to wake up tomorrow as native speakers of an unfamiliar foreign language, knowing that within a week you'd permanently forget the languages you now speak and largely be cut off from your … Continue reading Love of My Life?

Genetically Engineered

If your heart were damaged beyond repair, but you could regain our health for a few more years by getting a heart transplant from a genetically engineered pig, would you? Well, the point is moot for me except maybe if someone pulled my heart out and stomped on it. But then again you should be … Continue reading Genetically Engineered

All In a Day

On a typical Sunday, 10,000 people visit the Louvre in Paris. If a wicked sorcerer threatened to vaporize all the museum's visitors or all of its art, sparing one or the base on your please, which would you save? Assume the sorcerer will obliterate both the people and the art if you don't choose. This … Continue reading All In a Day