My first crush was a boy. He was also my first kiss while the kiss wasn’t memorable, the beat down afterwards was. You can read about here. I remember watching him swim, the feeling of fluttering butterflies in my stomach, the quickening of my heart. He was beautiful. Though in hind sight, I like my guys to be a little smarter than Dylan. Jocks are … Continue reading Quicken


You ever want some thing so bad you tremble? I was never into substance abuse. I drink beer on occasion. I’ve only been drunk once in my life – I got a tattoo because of it. I haven’t drank that much since then. I typically fake it – I act drunk it’s easier to get away with stupid shit that way. Up until recently I … Continue reading Tremble


If you go back to last year you’ll notice a different love interest in my life. Namely Dorian Vega. Dorian has gone through many iterations. Even more so than me. He’s always been older than me. He’s always watched me grow up. This dynamic gave some people issues since Dorian is essentially my father figure. AJ fell in love with one new character in her … Continue reading Replacement