Gauging Interest

I’ve mentioned before that AJ is actually completely reworking Darwynn’s Law, which means that DL needs a new outline, and AJ can’t outline it until we get done with The Last Phoenix. So I’m gonna ask my faithful readers, if you’d be interested in seeing the story from Alex’s PoV? AJ will share a few other bits and peices of the story that aren’t Alex’s … Continue reading Gauging Interest

Scrivener Coupons

AJ’s writing group didn’t take up on Novembers win so I’m going to offer you all a 50% coupon. AJ has three codes to give away. We already have a copy of it. It costs $40 US, so you can get Scrivener or Scrapple for $20. AJ doesn’t have the latter, but loves Scrivener. Just can’t use it since AJ writes on too many devices. … Continue reading Scrivener Coupons


I have 23 more prompts I can use without having to find something else to inspire my ramblings here. So to the point… Even if you don’t read regularly I’m going to ask you is there anything you want to know? About me? About my world? I’m not the best person to give you advice, but hey I could try. The only topic I won’t go into is AJ. Continue reading Questions?