Hey there Delilah

lyrics Such a sweet love. It kinda reminds me of Dev and a few other things AJ’s working on. Not so casual a love. I’d actually heard this one before. It’s on AJ’s list of songs she place regularly. Sadly it’s a saturday and I really don’t have much influence on the day so I’m gonna cut it short. Continue reading Hey there Delilah

Twist and Shout

I’m not posting the lyrics to this one. I don’t have any references to how school dances work but when AJ was a kid this one played at every dance and it was years upon years since it came out then. I will admit to liking the song. Actually the 60s and 70s ROCK music was pretty bad ass. They don’t make music like that … Continue reading Twist and Shout

Me and You

lyrics The lyrics and the video had absolutely NOTHING to do with one another. It’s like the background music to some scene in a movie. I’ll be honest though, this was the second song. The first one was a rap song about having sex with a girl who you didn’t care who she had sex with… It was vulgar and AJ turned it off the … Continue reading Me and You