Happy Birthday To me

So today is my birthday! In 2021 I will be 29…. I’m almost 30… holy fuck I’m getting old.

AJ doesn’t have any story to share with you.

But she did make me a play list with songs that mean something to me. And it’s an open collaboration. If you have a spotify account you could add to it too. If you were so inclined. Not necessary but you are welcome to add songs that remind you of me. Not that any of you think of me outside of my blog reading I’m sure. Not like AJ.

Open for collaboration

I’m sorry for going awol for a week or more. Once I missed one it was easy to miss more. And AJ was busying playing Mass Effect (and is still and replaying again to get the right ending) I will probably be awol for a while. AJ’s editing. July she aims to finish the rewrite/edit we are working on. That’s the goal. It will change the story a bit. And My Devastated Heart has actually become cannon and has changed the story up a bit. So a rewrite of book 2 will likely happen. And that means 3 and 4 are likely to change too. But hopefully only edits and rewrites and adding things and not a whole new start from scratch. That’s the goal anyway.

Genetic Disposition

There is something to say about genetic disposition. My mother is human, my father is Venatori. I am thereby called Minorem — Lesser than Venatori. But my mother is also wiccan — part of a coven whose genetic lines produce various different outcomes. Mother’s line is called Gemini — every birth is twin, born on the cusp of a zodiac at the changing of the day. So essentially I’m Cancer by only a few minutes. And Lucy is Gemini (ironically). Hunter is Pisces and Cass is Aquarius. Laker is Aquarius and Rider is Capricorn. My mother was a twin and her sister died when the wolf attacked them.

As a side note, AJ had to research the zodiacs to try and nail down Lake and Rider’s birthdates — January 19/20th.

Not the Center!

Today you are getting a very late post because I am not the center of AJ’s world today *pouts*

This morning she played Mass Effect 2 and forgot all about my post!

But she did manage to edit a few paragraphs of TELLING into better showing, there might still be a sentence of two of telling but we’ll see how it all works out in the end.

AJ is really focusing on the MRUs as she writes these new scenes and while editing the new plot layout. It’s helping with the showing v telling actually because AJ has to think about the sentences and if they are External motivation or internal reactions and if they don’t fit it can be telling.


This is an interesting sensation — sense deprivation ie: submerging yourself in a vat of water. Doesn’t have to be for any other reason other than to calm down. AJ does this on migraine days. Fills the tub with water and submerges her head. It’s not complete sense as you can still touch and smell. Put on a blind fold though and you’ve got 2 of the three. And those are the ones that mess with the migraine most.

It’s also a good bedroom activity. Though I’m not going to get into that here. But needless to say it’s fun.

I could be mean and deprive you of my great self, but the whole point of this blog is to let me ramble at things. So I’ll ramble a little more.

Though about what I don’t know. I was in the middle of saying something when the program just spazzed out and erased a paragraph and we have no idea what we were going on about… le sigh.

Anyway, I’m out for now. I’ll maybe remember what I was going to say later.


AJ is working on the story architecture. The Call of the Dragon was romance top heavy, and plot bottom heavy. So AJ’s reworked it to be more intermixed. Alex leaves the day before I solve the case. AJ’s moved a lot of stuff around, cut out a few grocery shopping trips and completey removed my move to the new apartment. We’ll so that in Book 2 where it’s more about my persnal probems. Which makes more sense. I’m in such an upheaveal flying to Vegas isn’t a probem.

Or so that’s my current running theory. It does set things up for a good this is my life at the moment part of the story.

Hopefully when ya’ll get a chance to read it it’ll be in ebook and paperback. At least that’s the goal.

We are still thinking about stories to offer you every month. You might not get one this month. As AJ will likely put on in the hole first. So we’ll see.