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  • Sorry.


    An apology haiku… Words are none todayWords are harder than normalSorry for the wait.

  • A Haiku to Alex

    A Haiku to Alex

    Blue-eyes foreverBody of god I cling toHappiness and joy

  • x2


    And today’s prompt is times 2 so another haiku for you (since it’s two poems written in one day posted a day apart) Loneliness and me Are very good friends, you see. Best of buds, no more!

  • Midnight


    At midnight I forgot that I hadn’t posted for the weekend. Midnight dreams of you Lone tree standing in the field Star light sunrise, too

  • Poetry – Isolation

    Poetry – Isolation

    Today’s word is slats. AJ decided it would make a good poem about isolation. We peer through the slats Knowing how the dogs feel now As they gaze outside We’ve seen many a facebook meme likening this isolation to dogs running out the door. But for us it’s not so bad. We like staying home,…

  • Not Working

    Not Working

    AJ’s Haiku today: The story won’t write Maybe I need a bad guy to push the plot more As you can tell AJ’s struggling through the next book.  It’s a good plot but it’s not really working for her ATM.  The words might get ditched, but we’ll see.  She might be able to use them…

  • Feels


    AJ wrote something. Not her normal style. Not mine. Just feelings. Sorry can’t elaborate but know things are looking a little better. Scared and helpless Lost in a world I don’t know Breaking into random tears Part of my love and life not here Hope is high Help can be found You just have to…

  • No secrets

    No secrets

    Sunday’s post had a big reveal. I proposed to you. You said yes. I’m so happy. You wanted to ask :(

  • Lost Without You

    Lost Without You

    Day 4. Words are in excess need 300 so Saturday can be writing free. The prompt today was a sad poem… I don’t like sad poems but here ya go. Lost without your smile A hole so deep nothing is here Don’t leave me alone

  • Slow Burn

    Slow Burn

    Day 3. AJ’s on course not a lot of extra words. The prompt was a slow burn time oriented poem. Waggle a finger, A heated glance shot your way. A brush of our lips. A gentle caress. Soft sounds from your mouth. Tugging to your room. Teasing words are said. Buttons undone slowly now. And…

  • The Big Question

    The Big Question

    Day 2 poem, prompt is about asking questions and encouraging the reader to end more. Not exactly the right thing, but hey it’s a question! Will you marry me? An easy thing to ask you? What is your answer?

  • How to Love Me

    How to Love Me

    It’s NaPoWriMo AND Camp NaNoWriMo. So AJ as usual is diligently writing my next story but I want to get back into the habit of posting here Monday through Friday at least giving you something new, so I’ll be giving you a poem a day for the next 30. Today’s prompt was an instructional poem…

  • Be Mine

    Be Mine

    Down on bended knee My first and last everything Be mine forever? Okay I lied. Today is Valentine’s Day! AJ was supposed to write something special but we got wrapped up in the story, so you get a Haiku by me.

  • Blanket


    His arms encircle Safety wrapped around me Warm as a blanket

  • A pretty mix

    A pretty mix

    Anxiety and depression are not very fun. Relax and breathe!

  • I forgot

    I forgot

    I didn’t post today sorry. I’m missing you now.What are you doing tonight?Is there room for me?

  • I’m sorry

    I’m sorry

    AJ has the week off. I’m so sorry about this.I am out of ideas.My head is elsewhere.

  • Long weekend

    Long weekend

    It’s been a long weekend. AJ head a lot of work cut out for her and none of it is writing related. Life if busy. How about a poemTo get you through the morningAnd through the long night. a haiku for you.

  • The Obvious

    The Obvious

    Why can’t you see it? It’s glaringly obvious. It’s in front of you. It kinda hits home with the situation at hand. I have a lot of information just sitting there kinda hidden kinda not. My next story is going to hit a lot on these facts in the end. It’s going to lead into…

  • Dancing


    Tango, Salsa, Cha-cha Spicy and sassy dancing Twist, twirl, step by step I love dancing. If you’ve been paying attention you know this. I can tango, I can salsa and I cha-cha. I learned ballet and tap and even how to do the waltz. I’m not back completely but I’m working on it. AJ’s still…

  • Round and Round

    Round and Round

    Round and round we go. The carousel of our life. I want to get off.