This is such a pretty picture. It made me realize that I’ve never been skiing. Not once. I was with Mich during the winter but we never went skiing. But then again we didn’t do much for fun. I hiked in the snow. But we didn’t do anything fun. Might have to go out with Laker and Rider one day soon.

I bet Alex will take me on a mini-vacation! hint-hint.

But I’d like to complain. What’s with the new .com color theme? That is such an off color pink/purple it is so jarring.

Two Cups of Coffee

Today’s photo prompt is pretty awesome. Coffee! Who doesn’t love coffee. Well AJ doesn’t but she’s an alien. I love my coffee black. Alex likes his with cream and two sugars. That’s how AJ drinks it most days, though she uses a flavored creamer specifically peppermint mocha or a chocolate raspberry truffle coffee she can’t do plain coffee…. booo!

In the first version of the Last Phoenix, AJ specifically mentioned Starbucks as a coffee shop that catered to vampires. AJ has since changed it to something else. I’m not sure if it was named or not…

So I’m gonna name it now… it needs to reflect coffee and blood in some sort of way.

Alright. I got two Life Blood Café and Café Plasma.

They reference both blood and coffee! But how to choose, any opinions from the peanut gallery?

This will be a national chain owned and operated by vampires.

picture by Maddi Bazzocco (maddibazzocco)

The Daily Spur

You all know that AJ started something like the Daily Post that killed? You don’t? It’s called The Daily Spur. Anyway, it’s a random word a day. Well as of this week it does more too.

A daily photo prompt curtosey of Unsplash API and a daily track from Spotify.

Today’s track is Feliz Navidad rather appropriate considering the season.

Today’s picture is a mountain view

Today’s word is scotch

Linking to it from any WordPress account should provide a track back ping to the post.

I’m On Top of the World

Alright, AJ’s been playing the song to death. Thanks Dev! My fault but still. The song has been on repeat all afternoon, and now that I said something AJ’s taking it off since it was only meant to be on while writing during lunch.

It makes me happy. And then it makes me sad. AJ has a playlist for Dev’s Songs he’s sung to me. At the time of this writing there were three. AJ will add to it when more are added.

Tomorrow we do Random Music Videos! Who’s with me?


The land down under! The land where everything wants to kill you. AJ’s had a few friends from down under over the years. I have one myself, AJ’s always wondering how they celebrate Christmas. Like what their imagery is. We have Santa pulling a sleigh with reindeer and snow and snowmen. But it’s like hot there at Christmas.

It’s one of those destinations that we’d love to see for real. If we ever win the lottery lol. I can go in my world. Ant can pop me down under. Or I could fly…

I think AJ needs to let me go visit the world! What do you think? In story of course, AJ can barely afford to see the family up north and that’s a priority.