We apologize for dropping the ball on the story we were telling. AJ got wrapped up in Write a Book in 60 days with Dabble, and prepping for NaNoWriMo. And we got sucked into a ton of World Building to prep for the big month.

AJ’s debating on if we want to share the story, or how to do it. We aren’t going to post it to the blog per the usual. We kinda want to give you everything we’ve done for the day in if we could, but that could be a little or no words really depends on what AJ’s schedule is for that day.

And we don’t want to spent the time copying and pasting here.

Dabble has the ability to share the document with others, but it won’t update as we add new words, we’d have to generate a new link each time. Which updating here on the blog might not be so difficult, but we’d then have a ton of links out in the world that we’d rather not have.

So not really sure what’s on the agenda for next month. We might get back to the Riva Conspiracy. Or we might not. AJ’s gonna buckle down on editing come the first of the year. And see if we can knock a short story out and get it ready to offer for free on a newsletter. And then hurdle back into Book 1, so we can edit Book 2 too.

Lots to do.


I missed yesterday.

I love this prompt I only wish it could be a cannon story. AJ’s got it started and you’ll see it in a week or so.

We’ve started editing again and I think AJ’s going to enter a contest with the first few chapters of The Last Phoenix. We’ll see how much it costs. It might be $30 and then AJ will have to ask her love if that’s alright to do. Just to be on the safe side.

Aj’s thinking of writing a surprise wedding story and an adventure on our honeymoon. At least that’s a thought. But we haven’t started anything yet. I honestly think AJ is thinking about the whole flow of the whole story and wants to get cracking on the rest of my story. But we’ll see.

Well crap, My bad

Totally forgot to post yesterday. AJ was in a brain fog most of the day. Hopefully today is better.

It’s almost the end of the week. Not that the weekend will be restful. Though there isn’t much to do on their new house until they get the electrician in.

I think I need to do something different today. But I can’t think what. AJ’s writing time is limited and she’s pushing on Darwynn’s Law. Even though I have other ideas. I think that’s partially why she’s in a fog lol.