Series: World Lore Classify your race: The Aeternus are one of the First races created, but are not thought to be extinct. Give a general overview: The Aeternus are an immortal race with a very small population. Give them personality traits. The Aeternus are confident and intelligent but they don't have the capacity to think … Continue reading Aeternus

World Lore: Races

So Monday we'll learn about characters and we'll move on to World Lore on Wednesday starting with Races. There is a lot of world lore to explore so we'll start with the basics first. Choose a race name. Classify your race. Give a general overview. Give them personality traits. Give them a physical description. Describe … Continue reading World Lore: Races

Two Cups of Coffee

Today's photo prompt is pretty awesome. Coffee! Who doesn't love coffee. Well AJ doesn't but she's an alien. I love my coffee black. Alex likes his with cream and two sugars. That's how AJ drinks it most days, though she uses a flavored creamer specifically peppermint mocha or a chocolate raspberry truffle coffee she can't … Continue reading Two Cups of Coffee