RIP Tom Petty

I’m not a Tom Petty fan. AJ knows a few from childhood years. But not that die hard fan. But he’ll be missed by many many.

He was a great writer. And Sam Smith knew it too. He borrowed parts of Won’t Back down to make Stay with me. AJ remembers the very first time she heard Stay with Me. It felt too slow and it wasn’t quite right. It wasn’t until later when AJ was googling it that AJ found out why. We don’t hear the similarities much anymore unless we really try but it’s there.

You see for yourself.

Here is a guy talking about the similarities:

Pop Culture

We all know I’m not really into the world of normal people things. My life revolved around learning how to kill monsters. Granted we had TV but since I grew up in he dorms it was always a shared TV amongst all those in the dorms. And being the outcast that I was I tended to avoid the places that everyone else was so I didn’t get picked on. So I read a lot but mostly I studied.

So during these last few months Sage and Dev have been introducing me to the world of pop culture starting off with their music and their movies. We recently just finished the first Star Wars trilogy. I’m not going to make any comments because I might hurt some feelings. But I could watch it again and I’m sure that Sage and Dev and even Drake will make me do so again. Sitting in front of the TV for too long grates on me. I have to get up and move do something.

But anyway today is Tune Tuesday and I figured I’d share some Star Wars cover music videos. And you’ll get a bonus cause AJ loves Zelda!

And Lindsey Sterling’s Zelda Video


AJ and her love have been on an Imagine Dragons kick lately. So many good songs. But I found my favorite in among the bunch. But it’s more or less the video is eye candy – at least this video is.

I don’t know if the facebook link will show up like youtube, but if not do click it and watch it. And as usual I need to share other videos related. This one is done in the kitchen by Chase Holfelder. Love this guy’s minor versions!

Going Dancing

AJ is always finding new music because of 2 Cellos. They did a simple video of Despacito. Awesome version is down below.

So AJ went and looked up the original. We fell in love and it has inspired a scene coming up in The First Vestige. Should be in two Sunday’s I think. It was actually meant to happen before that but I side railed AJ’s plans with my ranting and depression and anxiety. Go me, right? Idiot!

And just because AJ finds it amusing here is a parody of Despacito done by none other than Seasame Street’s Bert!