Omnipotent Narration

AJ doesn’t like writing in omnipotent pov but here is the first time Sage and I met in that PoV. Aspect catered to nearly every type of club goer. There was loud music playing throughout the darkened club, multi-colored strobe lights shining around the dance floor. The bar was fully stocked with bartenders who knew…

The First Meeting

Clubbing was not something Sage did often. It wasn’t even something he wanted to do, but Sasha and Bryan had dragged him out for Alice’s birthday – she was turning 21 and instead of planning a big birthday bash Sasha was dragging the four of them out to go club hopping. Thankfully Sage didn’t have…

My Body

Are you shy about your body, such as when you change clothes in a locker room? Or are you comfortable with it? Why? I am not shy about anything least of all my body. There is only one reason for me to feel uncomfortable in the locker room, and that’s the fact that most men…

K: Kaleidoscope

Looking through a kaleidoscope as a child was always fun until I started seeing the same thing in real life around everyone I knew.

Humans can sometimes see what they call an Aura. It’s a series of colors and images that define a person. They say it’s how a person is feeling – some can tell the past and future from them, but mostly it reflects the person’s current situation.

J: Journal

Here are some examples of excepts of my drawing journal (Note: these are not actually drawn or created by me or AJ)

H: Housing

We are provided everything we could possibly ever need. There were times when the Venatori couldn’t afford much, but with bankers and financial guru’s like Asher Eriksen, the Venatori have not been poor for a very long time.

G: God

Venatori don’t have a religion so to speak. We believe in a creator. But we do not worship gods of any sort. Some Venatori take upon themselves to worship human gods and human ways. But as a whole there is no Venatori god or religion.

F: Fun

I’m your typical teenage male. Or I was with the minor exception that I was a Venatori hunter and Magnus. Our idea of fun isn’t always what you’d consider normal.

E: Endothermic

Endothermic – a word used in chemistry and I groan at the use of it. I hated school. I hated it with a passion so strong that if it were not for Dae’lin’s rules I would have failed every class. But I love my ability – it’s who I am. So in order to learn from her how to use and control my ability I had to get straight A’s. So nose meet book!

D: Duckling

I like to flirt. It’s part of who I am. But I’m not good with names. I don’t care to remember them so I don’t. It’ snot like I typically see them more than once – typically. So I have a nickname for women – Duckling.

C: Cinnamon and Spice

However, even my normal abilities aren’t so normal – at least not my sense of smell which is where the title comes in – scents. A great deal of my anxiety and comforts come from scent. The things I remember most from my childhood are typically embroiled deeply with given scents.

B: Bunnies

But one of the classic Buffy Halloween episodes featured the scariest thing of all – Bunnies. Anya was a former vengeance demon who was afraid of bunnies. They even referenced it in the Musical episode which was pretty awesome. Anya rocking out to bunnies was funny.

We all have our little bunnies.

A: Adept

But for each skill level there is a test. Even when you are an initiate there is a test, but the test is merely a mechanism to determine your power level and what elements you can touch. Most only get one, two at most, four is rare and being able to touch them all at the same time is rarely testable.

Favorite Spot

Since I was eight or nine years old my favorite spot was the roof of the Apex Unlimited building. The wind high above the city was brisk, the air much cleaner than it was down below. It wasn’t perfect but it was my serenity growing up.

What is courage?

I disagree with a part of the definition. Courage is not the ability to do something difficult, dangerous, painful etc, without fear it is to do it in-spite of that fear. Everyone is afraid of something. I have many fears – some are founded others are just silly to others.


AJ’s got a song on repeat that’s kinda got everyone on the sappy sad side right now. Saturn by Sleeping at Last is beautiful, the words are captivating and inspiring in that sad sort of way. It makes you miss people from your lives, knowing that they made an impact on your life.

Dear Past Me…

If I could write a letter to past me this is what I’d say