Describe Yourself

Ha! You ask a guy with an ego bigger than himself to talk about himself especially describe yourself and you are going to regret it.

Let’s see. Brown hair and eyes. Yeah, not flashy words but it works. Women have told me they are jealous of my eyelashes – long and thick. Okay. I say thanks but just shrug. Granted I probably think pretty highly of them too if they weren’t my own. Despite my words, I’m just an average ordinary guy who likes to pretend there is more there than there actually is.

I have a pair of cross swords tattooed on my right temple – all Venatori do its part of our cultish rite of passage. And for me being terrified of needles it was a big deal. I have another tattoo I don’t actually get to see daily on the back of my neck. It depicts the four elements. I got it the only time I’ve been drunk. It was the first and last time I drank too much.

I have a scar on my left check running underneath my eye past the corner of my mouth, ending in a neat point in the middle of my chin. The real story there is a girl who was possessed by a ghost tried to kill me, she obviously missed but left the scar as a souvenir.

I work out – a lot. It’s a coping mechanism as well as the means for me to keep up with true Venatori. Since they are super strong, super fast, it was the healthy lifestyle and the gym that kept me top of my game so I wasn’t bottom rung of every fighting competition I had to deal with throughout school. So the tall skinny kid is not so true, I’m not a wiry fellow anymore, but it takes a lot to maintain what muscle I do have.

I have three more scars I’m proud of and one that I don’t let most people see. There is one that I like to say an ex-girlfriend wolverined me – it’s a series of 3 claw marks ripping across my chest from my right shoulder to my lower left side. It’s a ragged scar caused by a werebear attack. The same attack that killed my mother. Thankfully it didn’t kill me.

I have a scar on my right arm where a vampire took a chunk out of me. That one could have killed me and there’s a long explanation as to why it didn’t. It’s round and looks exactly like you’d think a mark like that might look like – the outline of someone’s mouth wrapped around your arm.

The last of the proud marks is the scar running my left leg – from my knee to my ankle. It’s a great burn mark and if my quick thinking and my magical ability hadn’t put the dragons fire out I’d probably be dead right about now. It’s ugly to look at but it’s probably the one I’m most proud of, and also, the one I learned the most from. Human form dragons can still breathe fire.

The last of my scars runs the entirety of my back. I learned early on how to hide it from any prying eyes with my own magic. ti’s a series of overlaying slash marks across my back. I’m sure you can guess what they are, but I don’t want to talk about it. Not yet anyway.

The First Moment

This is an exercise in description and body language. It contains spoilers for stories in the future. We’ll try not to reveal too much.

The glass room, that made me feel like I was in a fish bowl, was empty as Dae’lin ushered me in with a strong grip on my arm. The conference table was polished to a shine and looked unused. The uncomfortable chairs around the table waited for us to sit down.

I turned to watch my escort shuffle her papers. I could see the corners of her mouth turned down and her eyebrows drawn in and up.  I’d seen the look many times when she tried to hide her disappointment.  The pattern of colors shifted around her.  I knew there was something  wrong and she was just stalling.

Dae’lin tapped her papers against the table to line them up again after her shuffling.  She continued to bumble about while we waited.  I took the opportunity to lean against the edge of the table and look elsewhere.  The floor was the same white and gray speckled tiles I remembered as a kid.  You could see the scuff marks from the innumerable chairs scraped against it.

The glass conference room door open and soft footsteps move inside and then closed the door.  A pair of shiny, black patent leather shoes crossed the section of floor I studied.  They stopped a few feet away from me.  My gaze followed the owner’s legs up.  His black dress pants were pressed and starched to perfection.

My eyes lingered on the package below the black leather belt with a silver buckle.  My eyes followed up the line that the powder blue button-up dress shirt and the black suit jacket made.  There was just something about the detail in a tailored suit that made me weak.

The room was quiet as I brought my gaze up to the newcomer’s face.  A tight-lipped smile drew up the corners of his mouth.  I could see the amusement swimming in the deep blue of his eyes.  I’d seen him many times over the years, and if I’d been paying attention I would have noticed sooner.  The sweet comforting scent of vanilla and cinnamon filling the room confirmed his presence.

His smile widened as he took a step towards me with his outstretched hand.  “Dorian Vega,” he intoned with a charming voice.

A low chuckled escaped from my lips before I could stop it with a grin.  “I know who you are.”  I took Dorian’s hand in mine and shook with a firm grip.  “Nox Sétanta.”  He withdrew his hand from mine and I felt the lingering touch of his soft uncalloused fingers on my own.

His smile gave way to the tiniest of a jaw drop, and his eyebrows rose in surprise.  We stared at one another for a few more moments letting what just happened sink in.  It was clear Dorian hadn’t recognized me and I had just checked out the man who guided me as a child.  Dae’lin cleared her throat, and I walked around the table.  I avoided contact  with the once-again prim and proper Dorian Vega as I took my seat in front of him. It was time to get down to business.

A Defining Moment

A defining moment in my life? There are quite a few that really mean a lot.

My first defining moment is the day I sparked. It was a scary day when I was a kid. It started out per usual. I was excited, my mom was coming home after having been out hunting monsters for a good bit. I was with my Nanny and I was was super excited to have my Halloween costume done. I had a facination with dragons back then. My favorite character of all time was Mushu from Mulan. I remember watching the cartoon for days on end.

I was flitting around in my dragon costume made from real dragon scales. If I think about it now, it’s kinda disgusting. Dragons like most reptiles shed their outter layer of skin. My Nanny being a dragon, kept the more prestine sheddings for use in armor making and various other projects – which included my halloween costume.

Anyway, my Nanny was sick that day so I was pretty much running amuck in the house. I was fending for myself – feeding my self cereal and pretty much just making a huge mess. Which is probably one reason why I’m such a neat freak now – bad things happen to those who make messes! Normally this wouldn’t have been a problem, but today my mom came home to the disaster I had made.

Cereal all over the counter, milk sloshed over the edges of the cereal bowl all over the counter and on the floor. My mom has a temper and she never held back on it. She took me by the arm and started yelling. I was afraid. I was 5, I was always afraid of that voice. It didn’t matter if it wasn’t directed at me I always cringed when she started in that loud yet quiet voice that held the heat of a thousand suns.

I saw it happen. I saw the patterns from in front of my eyes – the gorgeous transparent red pattern that formed and the curtains lept into flame. I see the pattern everyday now. I see how easily my mind can conjure the simple element. It took a lot of training to not set things on fire just with a thought. The fire made my mother even angrier and my life fell to shit. She shook me and asked me if I did it. She raced to the kitchen to get the fire extinquisher and set it lose on the fire that was raging everywhere in the living room now.

When it was out she angrily threw it at me, narrowly missing my head and yelling at me to go to my room. That one moment changed my life. That one moment made me the man I am today. That one moment sent my life into a downward spiral I’m still fighting to rise up from. That one moment defined everything about me.

My First Kiss

There really isn’t much to tell about my first kiss. The resulting beating afterwards was far more memorable but it never really stopped me. Have I been cryptic enough? Good.

My first kiss, I initiated. I was a still a small boy, but I was gaining height quickly around 12. I was gangly and I found myself unappealing and I wasn’t exactly noticing girls for the first time that came a year or two later. I had those strange feelings about other boys. The guy I was crushing on was a few years older than I was. He was on the swim team. I watched him from a distance. I was an outcast so people didn’t tend to notice I was around most of the time.

We were at an afterschool party in the boys dorms. The swim team had just won a meet and we were all celebrating as championships are one of those things worth celebrating. Dylan was alone in the kitchen. I was always loud and obnoxious but that day I wasn’t. I was quiet and shy but I struck up a conversation with him. It was when I first noticed I was getting taller than kids older than me. It was nice not looking down on this guy I was crushing on badly. We talked about him, he like every other guy I know like to talk about themselves. I was keen on letting him know how I felt so I kissed him.

I knew he was straight. I knew it wouldn’t go over well. I expected him to push me away and pretty much just walk away. I was wrong. He not only caused a scene by yelling. “Oh my god. You freak. What the fuck is wrong with you?” He then proceeded to give me a beat down. I was used to being a punching bag. He got in a few good licks before I stopped the whole thing with a wall of air between us. The first punch nearly broke Dylan’s hand, but he was a fool and tried to hit me again. I of course snickered at him from the safety of my wall. Until his friend walked up behind me and sucker punched me pretty much breaking my concentration and doubling me over. I wound up in the infirmary for a few hours and detention for a few days. Dylan on the other hand wasn’t punished fairly, since I had started it by kissing him. Something I didn’t deny.

I didn’t exactly kiss many other Venatori boys or girls for that matter after that. I did have a few run ins over the years with kids in the Academy with me, but most of my sexual and sub-par romantic encounters were with my human counterparts out in what I called the real world.

David Bowie

It is a sad day when Rock Legends die.  I’m too young to have followed the early years of David Bowie.  But one of AJ’s beta readers said that he could see me liking David Bowie and Queen and the Glam Band era.  With the dawn of You Tube and such it is an actual possibility.  But I have to think on that.  Do I like David Bowie?

The short answer is yes.  But not necessarily from a music stand point.  David Bowie is the kind of man I want to be.

The quote has been going around the web “I don’t know where I’m going, but I promise it won’t be boring.”.  And this is true to my own self even before AJ started researching David Bowie for me.

We came upon an article that pretty much summed up my life in AJ’s head.  David Bowie didn’t care what you thought.  He was who he was and that’s how he lived his life.  It took me a long time to get to that point in my life.  But I am who I am.  I like myself – my flaws and my assets.  I don’t care if you don’t like me, nor if I offend you.  You be you and let me be me – we’ll be great.

So a late “Rest in Peace” to David Bowie, may you continue to inspire the generations from the stars.


My name is Nox Sétanta. I’m a Libra. What’s your sign?

Okay not really a line that works. But “Hey Duckling, wanna *ahem*” doesn’t work either.

Anyway, me. I like talking about me.

I was born in Boulder, Colorado.  Grew up in the great city of New York.  That’s a long story I don’t want to get into right now.  I am improbable.  There is a whole line of statistics I could get into to tell you how improbable my birth was but I won’t bore you with those details.

My mother is human.  Her family was annihilated when she was young.  She grew up in the Venatori as well.  Learned all about how cruel and evil the other supernatural creatures were.  She took it to heart and when her son turned out to be something more than mundane she shipped him off and forgot all about him.

My father is Venatori.  He is a hunter, like my mother, and myself.  He is one of the best there is with his ability to determine the best option in a infinitesimal amount of time.  My father didn’t know I existed until I was 18 years old and he was informed – oh yeah by the way you have another son.

They are my parents and I don’t know either of them, and I don’t really care. The only family I need is the one I choose, which right now consists of one soul – my best friend Jason Hill.

Jace has been my best friend since we were 5 years old.  We’ve done a lot together – mostly got in trouble.

I am Magnus, and what that means is I can bend the elements – do magic in layman’s terms.  But again I’m improbable.  I can bend all four elements at the same time.  Not exactly profound if you think about it.  But it’s a rare talent in the Venatori, most can only bend one or two elements but never bend them all together.  Some say I’m the strongest Cesari living today.  Cesari is what I am – a Magnus that can bend all four elements at the same time.  I don’t know how true that is, I’ve only met one other Cesari.  Like I said it’s rare.

I am a hunter – it is my ultimate destiny to  uphold the law of the Clandestine Providence.  I help maintain order and the secrecy of our supernatural world.  Without the Clandestine Providence the human world would shatter.  What was once thought of as impossible is no probable.  Myths and legends would destroy the world because they had the power to do so.  Humanity would cease to exist and there would be all out war among the other races on this blue marble in the universe we call home.  There is no God – only us.  We all evolved for various reasons and some greater being took it upon his own person to protect every race. Thus creating the laws of the Clandestine Providence.

I was born to be a hunter.  I will likely die a hunter.  But I don’t have to like the job I do.  I find it barbaric that we can’t find a better way to handle the little things.  The punishment should fit the crime not a one size fits all – you will die if you break the law.

That’s the basics of me except for my dashing self.  I’m 6’1″ approximately 145 lbs of lean muscle.  It takes me fricking forever to get to an ideal muscle mass for the job I do and the creatures I go up against.  I don’t have Venatori strength or speed.  I am at a disadvantage so I eat healthy, workout everyday and practice as much as my schedule allows me too.

Maybe one day I’ll let AJ describe me to you.  I’m horrible at colorful words unless you like them vulgar and inappropriate.

So that’s me in a nutshell.