Favorite Places

Once upon a time I used to think my favorite places were the mountains filled with forests and springs and fallen rocks. But I think somewhere along the lines my favorite place turned out to be my dreams. A scary little room filled with things that made me afraid, yet they were the safest place on the planet. Lost in my head. I won’t give … Continue reading Favorite Places

Coming Home

It’s been a long hunt. A long time away from home. Along time away from you. I was dead on my feet and it’s late. I am eager to see you but I don’t want to wake you. Our apartment smells like you. God I missed it. I linger in the wide open space between the living room and the kitchen remembering the last dance … Continue reading Coming Home

Bad Moods

To elevate my moods, Sage and Dee decided I needed to go clubbing. I refused to go. And neither of them were strong enough to drag me out the door physically. And by the time Dev got home, he was too tired to want to go so he was more than happy to stay home. But Dev was the wiser of the three, he stole … Continue reading Bad Moods