Waking Up

I woke up in his so-called room back in Brooklyn. I saw the familiar form of Ant sitting by the door. I rolled my eyes, “No one is going to hurt me in my own bed.” Ant turned to look at me with his dark eyes and pointed a finger at me. “You’ve been gone too long from my sight. It won’t happen again.” I … Continue reading Waking Up

Greater Demon

Magnus shook his head. “We need to find it first.” Ant asked from the shadows, “What am I looking for?” Everyone looked around for him and he released the obsfucation and was standing just behind me with a flaming sword in both hands. He continued. “I can search quickly in the shadows, if it’s here I’ll find it if I know what I’m looking for.” … Continue reading Greater Demon

Dead Summons

Alec stood up and made me as well in one swift motion. “Go get something warmer to wear.” I looked at him but the one the blue eyed archer returned was one I wasn’t about to back talk. He had that I am leader hear me roar look on his face and I did as I was told. Magnus chuckled as I left, “My little … Continue reading Dead Summons

Losing Hope

Days crawled by. Everyday pretty much the same – reading dry books, waiting on Magnus’ friends to finish the translation only to have to get another reference piece to move forward. At first, Alec did his best to distract me, but there had been more demon attacks, and each one for no apparent reason. The Shadow hunters had little time to actually help with my … Continue reading Losing Hope

Brooklyn Loft

Alec had sent his siblings a text. I hadn’t realized that the blonde was his brother as well. Looks could be deceiving I supposed. But neither of them replied, which meant one of two things – they were hell deep in high water, or they were off making out someplace. Since if they were in trouble they’d have replied in the hour we had wandered … Continue reading Brooklyn Loft


Alec was off in the bedroom as I heard Max starting to stir. I went in to start getting the little blue man ready for his day. I assumed he’d be going to the Institute with his grandparents but I really had no clue. He squirmed as I pulled clothes on to him and changed his diaper. I still couldn’t get over how blue his … Continue reading Jumping

Can We Keep Him?

We stopped by the Institute and picked up Max. I waited outside the run down cathedral as I didn’t really want to run into Alec’s parents. Magnus came out carrying a few books and Alec the little boy wearing his favorite glamour. I grinned as Alec played with his son as he carried him. I took a few books from Magnus to lighten his load … Continue reading Can We Keep Him?