For today’s F-word I’m going to Favorite Food. I’ll do other favorites as time goes on. As the title suggests my favorite sweet thing is chocolate. Other than fruity things it’s really the only sweets I eat. Chocolate cake, chocolate bars. But my favorite is hot chocolate. And while I can make a damn fine fresh cup of hot chocolate with milk and melted chocolate … Continue reading Chocolate

High Road

I missed Tune Tuesday this week, so I’m going to do it today fuck ‘tradition’. AJ wasn’t in the headspace. And I wasn’t being pushy for some reason. Hey I took the High Road! That wasn’t intended. I’m completely falling in love with Three Days Grace. So not my typical music, but AJ loves it. Dev and Sage make me listen to their music trying … Continue reading High Road

Coming Home

It’s been a long hunt. A long time away from home. Along time away from you. I was dead on my feet and it’s late. I am eager to see you but I don’t want to wake you. Our apartment smells like you. God I missed it. I linger in the wide open space between the living room and the kitchen remembering the last dance … Continue reading Coming Home


The music rose in crescendo as the dance floor roared with life as the band took the stage. I knew I was in a vampire run club for vampires and humans. There were collars and wrist bands everywhere. The owner of the club was Johnny Rose. He was born Alistair Jonathan Rosendale in Chicago in the era of prohibition and gangsters. You couldn’t tell as … Continue reading Frozen