If you go back to last year you’ll notice a different love interest in my life. Namely Dorian Vega. Dorian has gone through many iterations. Even more so than me. He’s always been older than me. He’s always watched me grow up. This dynamic gave some people issues since Dorian is essentially my father figure….

The Scent of Safety

AJ wrote the first time I met Dorian.  I’d provide you the link where it’s published, but it reveals too much information so instead I’ll repost it here. Pretty sure it’s not any where here yet. My mother was angry at me and I didn’t know why. The airport was a long way from home,…

The Last First Kiss

Sharing time. Saw the prompt liked it enough that I convinced AJ to post mine… So first snippet don’t mind the grammar spelling and the inconsistencies it’s a very rough draft.


I’ve told you about my first kiss and my ‘first love’. But really none of these mean anything in the greater picture of things. Dylan was nothing compared to the man I had a crush on freshman year of the Academy.

The First Moment

The glass conference room door open and soft footsteps move inside and then closed the door.  A pair of shiny, black patent leather shoes crossed the section of floor I studied.  They stopped a few feet away from me.  My gaze followed the owner’s legs up.  His black dress pants were pressed and starched to perfection.