3rd v 1st

Anyone who’s stuck around to read some of my actual story knows AJ likes to write in first person point of view. But in this rewrite AJ started off in 3rd and figured why not, let’s try it for a little while. We got 3 scenes done before AJ slipped into 1st again. We wrapped up the scene and AJ decided let’s rewrite those first 3 scenes in 1st see which we like better.

Guess what we like better? 1st person.

So I want to throw this out to you, my lovely readers. If anyone is interested in reading at least 2 1K ish scenes one in 3rd and the other in 2nd and answering a few questions poke me down below in the comments with your email address or way to contact you or shoot me an email at nox.durante@gmail.com and I’ll send you those scenes. If you are interested in the other two scenes that are dual written let me know and I can send them too.

We’d love to know what you think.

Three Days a Week

AJ has decided to dedicate 3 days a week to making new content for here. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I know it’s a bit unlike me not to have a daily post, but now that we aren’t posting stories regularly and AJ’s short stories aren’t doing what we had them set out to do, AJ’s gonna work on 3 posts during the week to give you something new to read.

Which means you’ll get me rambling for three days instead of seven. How ever will you cope?

So today’s is just an info post. But since I’d like all of you to actually stick around and read I’d like to know what you’d like to see. I have a few ideas that AJ’s been tossing around a bit.

We could do some ‘flash fiction’ short scenes of randomness from me and Alex lounging watching TV or watching the kids preform in their first play. Just something AJ would write in the dedicated time we have nothing cannon (mostly) and nothing overly complicated and long.

There is the possibility of the Ask Nox answers I was attempting to do on Facebook and Twitter. Which likely will happen. AJ enjoyed having a set of questions we could do. So Ask Nox Friday’s is most likely going to be the solution to what to post on Friday.

I could share with you writer friends what it’s like to be a character in AJ’s writing process. How I go through things, how I disobey and or go along with the problem. A few writing centric posts – another series maybe – something bi weekly or monthly because AJ doesn’t really think she’s an expert in writing anything at all. It’s a self esteem thing.

Another idea would be to answer your questions. But that requires ya’ll to actually talk to me :) (and I’m gonna curse AJ for getting that ya’ll in)

Some other ideas include world lore, character interviews, interviews of other characters outside my world. That last one would not happen right away as AJ doesn’t think she has many author contacts that would be willing to have their character interviewed by another character. It would be entertaining. I think anyway.

But I’d love to hear from you about what you’d like to see here. You can make a comment but if you are shy like AJ and don’t want to you can throw me an email at nox.durante@gmail.com (yes I know that’s not my name, but it’s my original name when I was originally created)

Gauging Interest

I’ve mentioned before that AJ is actually completely reworking Darwynn’s Law, which means that DL needs a new outline, and AJ can’t outline it until we get done with The Last Phoenix. So I’m gonna ask my faithful readers, if you’d be interested in seeing the story from Alex’s PoV?

AJ will share a few other bits and peices of the story that aren’t Alex’s PoV too. There will be a lot of repetative conversations you’ll have read except with Alex’s PoV.

This will give AJ time to flesh out DL correctly and still provide you with stories to read.

Comments baby! Let me know if this would interest you. Ambrose I’m looking at you since I know you’ll comment. I know there others of you who read regularly please don’t be afraid to comment. I won’t bite, I promise. Not even if you ask! Though I won’t say the same for Alex :)

We still got a bit to go with The Last Phoenix, AJ hasn’t finished it yet, but it’s getting there so I’m asking now before I run out of story.

Password protection

I’d just like to say over the next week or so a few posts might come across as protected. You can get the password from the collections link. I also linked to it directly from here.

The password protected ones I don’t think hit your reader here at WordPress so if you are interested please come on by the home page and see what you’ve missed.


I have removed all password protections due to likes not showing up. All should be tagged and noted in the title if they aren’t suitable for work.

Happy Reading.

Beta Readers

Hey guys! AJ is submitting an entry to a contest which doesn’t really feature me or a character you know yet. But you will soon. But it’s a short 1000 words that AJ needs beta readers.

I need email addresses if you want to read it so you actually have to email me this time. I will post a link to the final publishing win or lose it gets published.


Or use the form on the contact page to send me your email address.

The prompt is: You see an otherworldly creature on your way to work and no one else sees it, what do you do?